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We are trusted advisers to influential businesses and organizations. We value excellence, hiring individuals with a rich background of industry and functional experience. We are diverse, but we share a common passion for client service, a respect for individuals and the desire to make a difference. We operate as one firm, bringing the best of Point B to each client engagement.

John Bjornson Firmwide Point B Associate

John Bjornson

President, Point B Capital Firmwide
EJ Blanchfield Firmwide Point B Associate

EJ Blanchfield

Chief Operating Officer Firmwide
Mike Pongon Firmwide Point B Associate

Mike Pongon

Chief Executive Officer Firmwide
Chuck Ritter Firmwide Point B Associate

Chuck Ritter

President of Consulting Firmwide
Dennin Brasch Firmwide Point B Associate

Dennin Brasch

Director Firmwide
Jim Hodge Firmwide Point B Associate

Jim Hodge

Co-founder Firmwide
Tim Jenkins Firmwide Point B Associate

Tim Jenkins

Co-founder Firmwide
Darran Littlefield Firmwide Point B Associate

Darran Littlefield

Co-founder & Board Chair Firmwide
Mike Pongon Firmwide Point B Associate

Mike Pongon

Chief Executive Officer Firmwide
EJ Blanchfield Firmwide Point B Associate

EJ Blanchfield

Chief Operating Officer Firmwide
Ben Burke Seattle Point B Associate

Ben Burke

Practice Director, Retail Seattle
Steve King Southern California Point B Associate

Steve King

Practice Director Southern California
Nancy Kulick Chicago Point B Associate

Nancy Kulick

Practice Director of Growth Chicago
Jan Mueller Boston Point B Associate

Jan Mueller

Director of Market Expansion Boston
Michelle Sirott Phoenix Point B Associate

Michelle Sirott

Practice Director Phoenix
Brian Turner Firmwide Point B Associate

Brian Turner

Director of Practice Leadership Firmwide
Connie Polzin Seattle Point B Associate

Connie Polzin

Practice Director, Operations and Process Improvement Seattle
Seth Rosenbloom Seattle Point B Associate

Seth Rosenbloom

Practice Director, Organizational Effectiveness Seattle
Kevin Mackey Seattle Point B Associate

Kevin Mackey

Practice Director, Business Technology Services Seattle
Denise Nelson Seattle Point B Associate

Denise Nelson

Practice Director Seattle
Sicely  Donaldson Portland Point B Associate

Sicely Donaldson

Practice Director Portland
Kyle Ocasek Denver Point B Associate

Kyle Ocasek

Practice Director Denver
Jimmy Cordy Dallas Point B Associate

Jimmy Cordy

Practice Director Dallas
Kelly O’Rourke Austin Point B Associate

Kelly O’Rourke

Practice Director Austin
Chris Martin Firmwide Point B Associate

Chris Martin

Practice Director Firmwide
Peggy Brown Firmwide Point B Associate

Peggy Brown

Firmwide Marketing Director Firmwide
Michelle Markus Firmwide Point B Associate

Michelle Markus

Communications Officer Firmwide
David Wu Firmwide Point B Associate

David Wu

Chief Information Officer Firmwide
Maridelle Morrison Firmwide Point B Associate

Maridelle Morrison

National Recruiting Director Firmwide
Melissa Mullineaux Firmwide Point B Associate

Melissa Mullineaux

Executive Development Director Firmwide
Jeff Hazeltine Firmwide Point B Associate

Jeff Hazeltine

Finance Director Firmwide
Jeff Worthington Firmwide Point B Associate

Jeff Worthington

Director of Risk and Total Rewards Firmwide
Michelle Carbone Firmwide Point B Associate

Michelle Carbone

Culture Director Firmwide
Carol Peters Firmwide Point B Associate

Carol Peters

Professional Development Director Firmwide
Karen Kosten Denver Point B Associate

Karen Kosten

Erik Conroy Seattle Point B Associate

Erik Conroy

Firmwide Compensation Director Seattle
Jill Going Seattle Point B Associate

Jill Going

Managing Director of Talent Seattle
Peter LaSalle Firmwide Point B Associate

Peter LaSalle

VP of Business Development Firmwide
Leslie Gilbert Firmwide Point B Associate

Leslie Gilbert

Chief of Staff Firmwide
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