Consulting Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

By combining industry expertise with M&A execution skills, we help our clients conduct effective diligence processes, prepare for critical close and day one activities, and develop and implement a “first 100 days” plan and post-merger integration roadmap.

Focus Areas

Due diligence and negotiation

We help our clients perform rigorous technical and operational due diligence, identify integration risks and opportunities, and provide negotiation support.

Pre-close to day one

By understanding integration risks and opportunities, we help our clients take advantage of synergies and manage risks, providing a strong foundation in which the integration can succeed.

Close +100 days

We provide our clients with a robust program management for the initial integration, a 100-day work plan, and a thoughtful change management approach.

Stabilization and monitoring

Point B M&A consultants provide ongoing leadership to stabilize and monitor the integration and position our clients to carry out ongoing integration initiatives.

Latest Insights

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Case Studies

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