Consulting Services

Operations & Process Improvement

Point B’s Operations and Process Improvement practice helps clients solve complex strategic and operational problems, from diagnosis through implementation and beyond. Our consultants provide expertise on operations as a whole, while utilizing process improvement tools such as Lean Six Sigma to uncover an organization’s biggest operational issues. We also offer Lean Six Sigma training at the University of Washington and serve as the sole instructors for the program which is sponsored, in partnership by the Business School and the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Focus Areas

Lean Six Sigma Training

Point B’s approach to Lean Six Sigma is unique—grounded in our proprietary A.C.T. framework™, which emphasizes a balanced approach to drive sustainable, continuous improvement. This training is hands on and based on real-world experiences. And unlike other certification programs that only emphasize basic tools or change management concepts, we balance best practice tools and techniques, promoting a culture of respect and accountability mechanisms to make change stick. We offer this training in Seattle or at your location.

Operational Optimization

We go beyond uncovering operational issues—we quantify and prioritize findings to assist our clients in achieving positive the operational outcomes, whether that be reducing cost, increasing customer satisfaction, improving quality, or speeding time to market. Point B can recommend the right operational lever to pull and pace and intensity to proceed. Read more.

IT Workflow Optimization

Our IT workflow service is focused on providing tools to assist stakeholders and core business process owners needing help selecting the right system or optimizing current systems. We pair our experience gained from a variety of applications and clients in multiple industries with deep expertise in Lean methodology to align technology, processes and organizations.

Supply Chain Management

Point B’s approach to optimizing supply chains delivers more than efficiency improvements and the ability to consistently meet uninterrupted demand. We partner with your executive and operations teams to clarify your operational objectives, reveal the root causes of your supply chain challenges, measure your operational performance, and help you move forward with a specific plan to improve your system or make a foundational shift in your approach.

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