Consulting Services

Organizational Effectiveness

We work with our clients to tackle their most important organizational challenges, building competitive advantage through superior talent management, leadership development, and organizational design.

Focus Areas

Organizational assessment & design

We help clients improve the effectiveness of their organizations by designing the right structures and elevating team performance.

Talent strategies

Point B helps clients develop and deploy HR and talent strategies that align with their overall business objectives, workforce trends, and company culture.

Transformational change management

We help our clients design, plan and implement business and behavioral changes to improve organizational performance.

Executive coaching and leadership development

We work with client executives, individually and in groups, to improve their leadership capabilities and increase their impact in the organization.

Organizational development

We help our clients advance their ability to meet challenges and adapt to a changing marketplace by developing and delivering learning strategies that develop an organization's skills and capabilities.

Latest Insights

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Where Change Management Belongs

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Influence Your Stakeholders for Success

Stakeholders can derail projects and prevent change from happening. Learn how to engage them and garner their support.   Read More

Case Studies

Changing an Organizational Model to Reflect Societal Changes

Point B helped a major urban public school system face the changing societal structure by creating a new model.   Read More

Accelerating the Rate of Innovation

Point B helped a nonprofit accelerate the rate of innovation in education.   Read More

Organizational Effectiveness at a Non-Profit

Rapid growth asks much of an IT organization, and sometimes the answer is structural change.   Read More

Helping an Online Advertising Group Manage Change

Learn how a comprehensive change management plan helped this organization respond to changing marketplace forces.   Read More

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