Consulting Services

Organizational Effectiveness

We work with our clients to tackle their most important organizational challenges, building competitive advantage through superior talent management, leadership development, and organizational design.

Focus Areas

Organizational Design

We help clients improve the effectiveness of their organizations by designing the right structures and elevating team performance. Read more.

Talent Strategies

Point B helps clients develop and deploy HR and talent strategies that align with their overall business objectives, workforce trends, and company culture. Read more.

Transformational Change Management

We help our clients design, plan and implement business and behavioral changes to improve organizational performance. Read more.

Executive Coaching

We work with client executives, individually and in groups, to improve their leadership capabilities and increase their impact in the organization. Read more.

Organizational Development

We help our clients advance their ability to meet challenges and adapt to a changing marketplace by developing and delivering learning strategies that develop an organization's skills and capabilities.

Read more about Point B's Organizational Effectiveness.

Latest Insights

Thinking Beyond The War for Talent

Three essential strategies to attract and keep the people you need.   Read More

That New Organizational Chart is Just the Beginning

In today‚Äôs fast-paced business environment, nearly every leader will be challenged with the need to change organizational structures.   Read More

Change Management: Slaying the Myths

Don't resist change. Read about how Point B debunks the myths of change management.   Read More

What Works for Millennials

Attract and keep them by knowing what matters most   Read More

Case Studies

Power Tools for Cultural Transformation

Point B helped a global financial services firm make a shift that would align culture with business imperatives.   Read More

Creating a True Team Culture

Point B helped a regional research institute and healthcare provider with a major centralization.   Read More

International Retailer’s Technology Talent Revolution

Read how Point B helped an international retailer launch a technology talent revolution.   Read More

Changing an Organizational Model to Reflect Societal Changes

Point B helped a major urban public school system face the changing societal structure by creating a new model.   Read More

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