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Point B knows healthcare. Point B has put our passion for healthcare into practice since the firm was founded in 1995. Today, more than 200 healthcare consultants bring deep knowledge, independent thinking and hands-on experience to help our clients lead the way during the most massive changes in the history of the healthcare industry. Through fresh thinking, best practices and effective change management, we’re helping our clients transform tough challenges into competitive strengths that result in higher quality and lower cost. And because Point B is at its core a project leadership firm, we excel at making healthcare initiatives—and organizations—successful for the long term. Here’s how.

Focus Areas

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Based on each client’s needs, we design and implement a practical, scalable healthcare data and analytics ecosystem for clinical and business insight. We meet our clients where they are in their data analytics capabilities and goals to tailor solutions that deliver business results. Read more.

Care Delivery Innovation

Is your care delivery model helping you meet your goals or holding you back? As healthcare reform ties clinical and financial goals together in new ways, Point B can help you design and implement new accountable care/population health programs that position your organization to achieve measurably higher quality at lower cost. Read more.

Healthcare Information Technology

During transformational times, IT has the potential to be one of your greatest assets or your Achilles heel. Point B optimizes IT as an asset. We’ll work closely with you to define a clear IT vision, develop business intelligence and analytics, support integrated care delivery models, and optimize both new and legacy systems. Read more.

Government Plans

What does it take to launch successful plans and benefits in the fast-evolving worlds of Medicare and Medicaid? Through integrated planning and organizational readiness, we’ll help you navigate the changes and transform the challenges into opportunities. Read more.

Marketing and Product Management

Think of Point B as a product deployment engine with the horsepower to help you navigate a fast-changing market. From strategy and design through launch and marketing, we’ll help you leverage emerging opportunities with targeted products that build market share and customer loyalty. Read more.

Operations Process Improvement

Do you have the processes in place to support the move toward value-based care models? We’ll help you develop and implement transformative lean processes that ensure more coordinated, efficient and cost-effective care delivery.

Operational Efficiency

Everyone talks about it. Yet major gains in operational efficiency remain a huge, and elusive, opportunity for most healthcare organizations. Point B brings you the insight and expertise to look beyond short-term fixes and make transformational gains that lock in desired changes and sustain increased efficiency for the long term. Read more.

Organizational Effectiveness

Are you organized to win in the changing healthcare marketplace? In an industry where future success will look very different from the past, we’ll help you embrace new operating models, develop more effective organizational structures, manage healthy change, and find new ways to recruit and retain top talent. Read more.

Healthcare Regulatory and Compliance

Yes, it’s possible to stay on top of the latest regulatory and compliance mandates—even as they change. Point B designs and delivers solutions that reduce the cost, time and risk involved in meeting the deluge of new regulations and deadlines. Read more.

Acute Care Transitions

In 2014, two-thirds of all hospitals will receive fines for failing to control readmission rates. Meanwhile, with the help of Point B’s Acute Care Transitions approach, our healthcare clients have reduced 30-day readmission rates by over 50 percent, making improvements across the continuum of care. Read more.

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Case Studies

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