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Transitioning to Profitable Lean Patient Care

There are significant benefits in achieving PPC-PCMH that will provide financial rewards for years to come.  Read More

Making Mega Impacts Across the Enterprise

How to make mega impacts across the enterprise.  Read More

Thinking Beyond The War for Talent

Three essential strategies to attract and keep the people you need.  Read More

Getting Strategic about IT Talent

Is your IT staffing strategy as good as your IT strategy?  Read More

A New Vision for Property Development

Three key strategies to reduce risk through energy and resource planning  Read More

Up the Value of Project Portfolio Management Systems

Project portfolio management (PPM) helps organizations make decisions that move the needle toward achieving their strategic objectives.  Read More

Sustainability is Not a Fad

Companies throughout the retail value chain are increasingly using the lens of sustainability to drive innovation, reduce and avoid costs, manage risk, and increase employee engagement, etc.  Read More

Successful Healthcare Analytics: Data Liquidity

How do you ensure the best possible clinical and operational decisions throughout your complex organization?  Read More

CIOs Should Think Like Chief Value Officers

In today’s environment, IT must deliver measurable business value under increasing pressure to reduce costs.  Read More

How Energy Companies Can Attract and Keep Top Talent

Finding essential skills to deliver on strategies has become a “top five” concern among energy CEOs.  Read More

That New Organizational Chart is Just the Beginning

In today’s fast-paced business environment, nearly every leader will be challenged with the need to change organizational structures.  Read More

Innovative Financing for Energy and Resource Productivity

Innovative financing methods have emerged to help organizations secure internal capital for high investment, quality sustainability initiatives.  Read More

Using Sustainability to Bend the Cost Curve in Healthcare

The rapidly evolving healthcare landscape requires healthcare systems to focus on becoming more efficient, removing waste, and bending down the cost curve.  Read More

Meaningful Use: To Invest or Not to Invest

MU fits into a much larger mosaic of regulatory and compliance concerns in the healthcare industry.  Read More

ICD-10—Impacts of the Delay

Be informed: what are the impacts of the ICD-10 delay?  Read More

Successful Healthcare Analytics: Where to Begin

Data management basics are vital to population health management and analytics.  Read More

CRM: Taking it Outside

If your business has yet to implement a CRM or digital marketing solution, you may be feeling late to the game. Not to worry. Being behind the first giant wave of these technologies has advantages.  Read More

Data Governance Simplified

The challenge for fast-moving businesses is to capture the high value that data governance can deliver without getting mired in theory, analysis and complexity.  Read More

The Cure for Faulty Healthcare Forecasting

Why most healthcare forecasting is fundamentally flawed - and how to fix it by answering strategic business questions.  Read More

To Go Agile, or Not to Go Agile?

Considering Agile? Ignore the hype and get educated. Examine Agile practices to see if they match up with your organization, project and particular business need.  Read More

Successful Data Governance Starts with Your People

Where to begin on a mission to adopt a data governance model? Start with your people.  Read More

Best Practices for Contact and Call Centers

How do you balance the need to keep call center costs under control while at the same time meet your customers' expectations?  Read More

Agile Outside the IT Department

How is Agile implemented beyond the IT department?  Read More

Brick and Mortar, Meet mCommerce

Given the growing importance of mCommerce to your customers, your market position and your bottom line, how can you leverage it to create an exceptional in-store experience?  Read More

Culture As A Change Agent

How much does culture matter when your organization embarks on a large-scale change?  Read More

Anatomy of a Successful Digital Strategy

Having a successful digital strategy helps to connect organizations with customers, prospects and stakeholders.  Read More

“Change” Is A Verb

Effective change managers can help a company innovate, compete and evolve.  Read More

Developing a Data Center Strategy

Business Technology

Read more about how and why organizations need to develop a well-thought-out data center strategy.  Read More

Do You Need A GRC System?

Project Leadership

Find out how a governance, risk and compliance system can provide your company with benefits to keep you on top of changing rules and regulations.  Read More

Best Practices for the Healthcare Industry


Healthcare leaders offer employers insights for offering benefits, working with benefit providers, and engaging employees in their own healthcare.   Read More

Embracing the Benefits of ‘BYOD’

Business Technology

Companies are encouraging employees to bring their own device to work as it has significant benefits for both parties.  Read More

Change Management: Slaying the Myths

Organizational Effectiveness

Don't resist change. Read about how Point B debunks the myths of change management.  Read More

Where Change Management Belongs

Organizational Effectiveness

Change can be a good thing. Find out where change management belongs in your organization.  Read More

Jumpstart Your Master Data Management

Business Technology

Find out why master data management is at the heart of business intelligence, big data and information governance.  Read More

Transforming Data into Value

Business Technology

Learn how to gather and use data to increase market share.  Read More

Big Data: Where to Begin

Business Technology

Curious about what big data can do for your business but wondering how to get started?   Read More

Recapturing Your Growth Mojo

Project Leadership Services

Companies need a special toolset for reclaiming their growth mojo after the long recession.  Read More

Developing a Mobile Strategy

Mobility, Retail

There are over 1 billion mobile devices in circulation. Does your organization have the right mobile strategy?  Read More

Selling Health Plans and Services Online

Healthcare, Go to Market

Online sales of health plans and services put consumers in the driver's seat. A lesson in history can help your organization get ready.  Read More

Cloud Computing

Business Technology

A silver lining exists for organizations taking a considered approach to adopting the cloud.  Read More

Do Bundled Payments Make the Grade?


Are bundled payments a viable solution for healthcare reimbursement?  Read More

IT Assessments

Business Technology

How do you make your IT assessments a positive and productive experience?  Read More

Chief Executive Magazine Article: Preparing a CEO for M&A Success

Mergers and Acquisitions

Learn about some of the strategies and tactics that can help prepare a CEO for M&A success.  Read More

Preparing to Sell for a Premium

Mergers and Acquisitions

Learn about critical business considerations to optimize your company's value.  Read More

The Future is MOW (Mobile Optimized Website)

Business Technology, Go to Market

For many companies, succeeding in the mobile space may not involve developing a mobile application.  Read More

Forecasting Your ACO Market Position

Healthcare Provider

Knowing that ACO strategy is among the most important decisions our healthcare clients will make in the next few years, our approach helps ensure that it’s based on intelligent analysis.  Read More

Leading Projects Through Rock Bottom

Public and Social Sector, Project Leadership Services

The Halo Effect is the basic human tendency to make inferences based on general impressions.  Read More

Your Organizational Structure: Healthy or Not?


Healthy organizational charts get top marks in four key areas. Learn how your organization stacks up and what you can do to get healthy.  Read More

Use Your PMO to Drive Business Results

Project Leadership Services

When positioned as business partners, rather than order takers, PMOs have the power to make big impact.  Read More

The Unconventional Value of an Interim Leader

Organizational Effectiveness, Project Leadership Services

Impermanence has value. A skilled interim leader can play a unique role in positioning the incoming leader for success.  Read More

Social Media is Easy

Marketing & Customer Strategy

Before launching social media programs, smart companies are tackling the organizational planning needed to successfully operationalize consumer insights.  Read More

Mobility in the Retail Space

Business Technology, Retail and Consumer Products

With a smartphone in hand, today’s consumers hold a global shopping mall in their pocket. Learn how to stay competitive in the digital era.  Read More

Medical Device Data Systems

Healthcare Provider, Business Technology

An expanded FDA ruling may affect your organization. Learn how and what you can do now to prepare.  Read More

Meaningful Use: Expecting the Unexpected

Healthcare Provider

The road to Meaningful Use is lined with uncertainties.  Read More

Mergers & Acquisitions That Win

Mergers & Acquisitions

After the fact, a successful M&A may look like a match made in heaven. But winning companies know how to “align the stars” in their favor—by ensuring their readiness to own.  Read More

Lean CIO

Process Optimization, Business Technology

Lean frameworks can help CIOs address challenges and elevate the role of IT  Read More

Is Lean Earning Its Keep?

Process Optimization

When Lean tools are applied within the proper framework, your Lean efforts will have impact.  Read More

Influence Your Stakeholders for Success

Project Leadership Services

Stakeholders can derail projects and prevent change from happening. Learn how to engage them and garner their support.  Read More

ICD-10: Lessons from the Frontlines

Healthcare Provider

Prepare for the conversion while improving quality and patient safety.  Read More

Driving Greater Return through Operational and Technical Due Diligence

Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology & Communications

In addition to financial and legal due diligence, buyers must complete technical and operational assessments to get a comprehensive view of businesses.  Read More

Data Center Migrations

Business Technology

Spending time up front to engage the business, establish the project as a top priority, select the right approach, and carefully plan the project are important keys to success.  Read More

Beating the M&A Odds

Mergers & Acquisitions

With sustained focus, mergers and acquisitions can produce companies whose combined value exceeds the value of their parts  Read More

Accountable Care Organizations

Healthcare Provider

Across the country, accountable care organizations (ACOs) are being hailed as a solution to the most daunting challenges of healthcare reform: slowing the unsustainable growth in overall costs.  Read More

Accountable Care Organizations from a Payor Perspective

Healthcare Payor

Engaging in new partnerships with a diverse array of providers—and even other payors—will require new strategies and new structures based on a deep understanding of the changing landscape.  Read More

Strategy and the Last Mile

Go to Market, Organizational Effectiveness

Strategy deployment ensures that your people are contributing to the organization.  Read More

Fast Food Lean

Operations Improvement, Business Technology

Companies are sacrificing a healthy, long-term approach to transformation.   Read More

Building Data Center Facilities and Infrastructure

Business Technology

Technical complexity demands strong leadership, process, and attention to detail.  Read More

Optimizing Time-to-Value

Healthcare, M&A

If affiliating with another healthcare provider is on your horizon, how can you implement with the speed necessary to ensure strategic success?  Read More

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Implementation

Business Technology

VDI changes more than just infrastructure – it changes the organization.  Read More

Six Steps to Increasing Worker Wellness


More and more companies are offering wellness plans, but what separates the best ones from the rest?  Read More

Modeling the Financial Risk and Impact of Bundled Payments


Are bundled payments in your future? Learn more about the CMS initiative and how you can use financial simulation to chart your course.  Read More

Device Integration with EMR Systems


If you are planning a medical device integration with your EMR, are you poised for success?  Read More

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