#1 From the Start

This quarter's Point B Blue Standard Award honors Kai Andrews, who also happens to be the firm's first full-time internal hire in 2003.

Even in those nascent days, the founders knew a true Point B'er when they met one. From the beginning, Kai embodied the values they wanted to build.

"Kai is consistently a standard bearer of Point B values," said Kevin Mackey, who nominated him for the award. "Everything he does is driven by his desire to serve his clients and colleagues with excellence. He's demonstrated a strong ownership mentality and a passion for service in designing, launching, selling and delivering the Business Collaboration service offering. He saw a need in the marketplace, felt empowered to go after it, and has done so with service excellence at every turn—as evidenced by raving client fans across the Puget Sound."

“Kai builds strong relationships wherever he goes—both with his clients and across Point B's markets, services and industry teams,” Kevin said. People seek out his perspective. "If I want an honest take on how things are going at a practice or firm level, or how I'm doing as a leader, I can always trust Kai to give me the straight scoop."

Dennin Brasch agrees. "Kai is my number one go-to person in the firm. He has incredible range, a huge heart, unequaled passion and a can-do attitude. He is everything we intended when we developed this award program. Everyone loves him, so I'm not alone there—but I loved him first."

Kai was also instrumental in launching Point B's Business Intelligence & Analytics practice. But even though he has so done much to optimize the firm's internal operations and grow the business, client work is still his first love.

"I love the challenge; every client is new. I help figure out business processes, impact client culture, and help improve what's most dear to them—how they work every day. Nothing is more rewarding than starting out with a handshake and ending with a hug."

It's clear why Point B still values its first, full-time internal hire. What does he value about Point B?

"It's all about the relationships; it's the culture of trust and respect. I've never felt I had to compete with anyone. There's no turf to protect; no selfishness. I know that if I need help, I'll get it, and vice versa.”

"Over the years, lots of things have changed about Point B. But that fundamental piece has never changed. We're all on the same team. It's also about choice. I get to do what I love to do. But I also get to learn. A few years ago, the idea of leading sales calls would have left me frozen. Now it's second nature. Point B always gives me the opportunity to grow and evolve."