Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Point B

In today’s world, people want to work for an organization with purpose, and our purpose has been clear since day one. Point B exists for the benefit of our people.

Twenty-one years ago, our founders decided to create a new kind of firm by turning the status quo on its head—doing the best for our stakeholders, clients, and partners by first doing what is right for our people. From the beginning, putting our people first meant embracing our differences, and we’re proud that our employee-owned firm is built on a foundation of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Our goals and beliefs are straightforward:  we believe our people flourish in an environment where their viewpoints are valued, not stifled. Our people flourish because their ideas are not quickly ushered to the side in favor of the prevalent thought of the day.  Our people flourish in the recognition that everyone's beliefs, backgrounds, and differences can contribute to the firm's best thinking and collective success.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is more than just a business imperative at Point B; it shapes our ownership model and directly empowers each of our core values. As we put our people first, equity, diversity, and inclusion enables us to not only attract top talent, but also to build honest and lasting relationships that foster collaboration, choice, and excellence. We all have ownership at Point B, with opportunities to contribute to the vision of our firm, serve our clients, partners, and communities, and help each other thrive. Rather than heavy policies and layers of overhead, we strive to exercise our value of efficiency to allow great ideas to rise up—no matter where they come from.

Equity drives our company. To us, equity means creating structures, supports, and processes that seek to allow each individual to thrive in their own unique way. We strive to remove unintentional barriers and support associates according to their individual needs. We look to treat our people equitably by providing each associate with specific development and career growth opportunities; we recognize that one size does not fit all. We know that what works today may change tomorrow, based on the evolution of our company, our ever-changing world, and each person’s personal and professional journey. We believe that our values around equity can benefit each individual at Point B and make us greater as a whole.

Deep-rooted diversity. We strive to build a thriving company that is committed to honoring, respecting, and encouraging all of our associates by valuing our differences. We believe in diversity capital—that the highest-performing teams are those that look to leverage diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Diversity is not limited to categories such as sex, race, gender identity, marital status, ethnicity, nationality, religion, education, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation; it runs deeper to encompass factors including background, experience, abilities, skills, and styles of working and thinking. In fact, diversity is a distinguishing factor of Point B—a major reason why our clients and business partners recommend us, and why our company is consistently ranked one of the best places to work. Our ability to innovate for our clients, connect with our networks, support our associates, and deliver results in everything we do is enhanced and enriched because of the diversity we value. 

Inclusive every day. Inclusion is the uniting force that allows our diversity to shine, helping to create a culture of belonging, mutual respect, and connectedness. Our company’s values mean that we all need to embrace each other's differences, knowing we can be stronger because of them. In ways large and small, we want to foster a sense of belonging so that all of us can be our authentic selves. We make inclusive practices a pleasure, whether it's welcoming the important people in each other's lives to company events or  having an expense policy that encourages investing in our relationships with each other and our business network. Ultimately, inclusion allows us to seek to ensure that every associate is fully able to contribute their best to achieving Point B's goals. 

The purpose of our company and the principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work hand in hand—advancing an ever-evolving, enduring firm of associates who are striving to live our best lives, as each of us defines them. They make possible the future we are creating together—for ourselves. For our firm. For our clients, partners, and communities.