How do you keep raising the bar when you're delivering excellence every day? Alex Chang embodies the answer. Since he joined Point B in 2011, our latest Blue Standard Award honoree continues to deepen relationships and innovate in ways that bring ever higher value to our clients and our firm.

"Alex is the Blue Standard archetype," said Point B's Kevin Mackey, who nominated his colleague for the award. "You know that if he's associated with a pursuit or engagement, it will be excellent, and everyone involved will be better as a result. He builds lasting relationships with his clients. Alex serves with true excellence and care for people, knowing that this is our best business development method. For example, when one of Alex’s contacts, and raving fans, left a client to move to a new company, she immediately started advocating for Point B. As a result, we’ve kicked off work with a new client and are already delivering business data insights. He is generous with his time and knowledge. He serves clients and colleagues with energy and kindness. He models an amazing level of personal accountability and empowerment."

Alex is a leader in living out Point B's vision to be an entrepreneurial platform, Kevin said. "He's one of the rare people who can go very deep in both business and technology. He brings an intense and healthy ownership mindset to everything we do, including finding ways to take the things we do well and productize them—making them repeatable and available in ways that build value for our clients and our firm. He may be the most value-focused person I’ve encountered at Point B, and this mindset enables him to consistently develop and deliver high-margin solutions."

"Technology-enabled solutions are going to set up Point B for long-term growth and success," Kevin said, "and Alex is at the center of this."

At the center of exploring and testing flexible new supply partnerships, Alex is an integral piece in expanding our capacity to quickly build out our expertise in fast-growing areas such as robotic process automation.

His focus on delivering high value begins early on, in the proposal process, which he sees not as sales but as bringing collaborative problem-solving and strategy definition.

"Through the proposal, we define the problem and crystallize the solution to arrive at the future state," Alex said. "Our proposal is the initial spark that helps the client see how to get there. It's an opportunity to help clients and bring our A game to solving their challenges. That's what makes working here fun."

Alex’s continuous quest for excellence is not only professional; it's personal.

"For me, this is the embodiment of a growth mindset—constantly recognizing what is great, setting goals, and having a certain dedication and resilience in improving myself in personal and professional areas. It's about being relevant in a very rapidly changing business environment—not just from a tech perspective, but in how we work with clients to add the most value. We embody a set of values: honesty, transparency, an ownership mentality. When you live these values, it leads to great delivery.

"Ultimately, it's all about delighting our clients with the work we do."