We're proud to present the Point B Blue Standard Award to Annalisa Johnson, whose financial brilliance and team spirit have contributed to the healthy growth of the entire firm.

“Since she joined Point B in 2013, Annalisa has worn many hats and made a tangible impact on the firm's growth and operational efficiency,” said Matt Hargis, President of Point B Property Development. In fact, since the time of the award, Annalisa has been promoted to Firmwide senior finance director, building on the impact she made as the finance director within Property Development.

"As Point B's controller and financial guru, Annalisa has been instrumental to the efficient financial management and administration of all of our business," he said. "She has a unique insight and understanding of firm operations that is heavily relied upon by our executive leadership and across our businesses. As a member of the Property Development team, she brought the development finance expertise and horsepower we needed to vet and underwrite new real estate ventures. She was instrumental in the acquisition of TNG (Digital Studios) last year. She always has the firm perspective in mind, helping our leaders think through financial reporting and management practices."

“Annalisa is always willing to pitch in, roll up her sleeves and do what it takes to move things forward,” said Principal Heather Personne. "She is a great thought partner due to her great instincts and desire to do the right thing. She has a lot of different responsibilities at Point B, and she carries them all out with a smile."

“In addition to her other roles, she has been "knee deep" in the design, testing and implementation of Salesforce, where her knowledge of firm operations has been absolutely essential to success,” said Matt Hargis. "A lot of the work Annalisa does is behind the scenes — out of view of most associates and clients. But those who work with her, and lean on her expertise and knowledge, are acutely aware of how valuable she is to Point B."

"Annalisa has worked tirelessly to ensure all the details that need to be accounted for during the Athena project were brought to light before they become an issue," said Lori Schauer, a Firmwide Operations associate. "She continued to offer guidance to the Account Support team as Salesforce was rolled out and we learned entirely new processes. I know she did this while wearing many hats at Point B and through the long days, she always had a smile and a positive attitude.”

“Annalisa is a shining example of Point B's culture and values,” said Erik Steffensen, a teammate in Property Development. "Her deep skills, professionalism and competence are surpassed only by her enthusiasm for Point B and compassion for her teammates."

She sees her contributions with characteristic modesty. "I've been lucky enough to have my career be team-based, and I'm humbled by the folks I get to work with at Point B. It's incredibly rewarding to see success as a team, working together."

With a mind for numbers and a heart for Point B and its people, she is currently working on strategic initiatives to help envision what the firm's growth will look like in 2023.

"This is the stuff I really enjoy — figuring out what we want to be, how we shape our company, and what we do for our people.”

"At Point B, you have the ability to make a difference. We've built something together that really is amazing — trust, passion and profitability. I'm excited to work together to grow our company and keep the special sauce we have."