ARISE is a community and a business resource group (BRG) representing Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern (AAPIME) Point Bers.

Our mission is to create community, visibility, understanding, and belonging for AAPIME Point B'ers. We foster connections in service of developing and uplifting our community members in and out of Point B. Our objectives are to:

  • Create a community at Point B that allows AAPIME Point B'ers to be seen, uplifted, and engaged in a safe manner.
  • Provide developmental resources and networking opportunities specific to AAPIME Point B'ers.
  • Increase understanding of the diversity of AAPIME cultures and experiences at Point B through education and events.
  • Drive visibility and enhancement of DEI practices to further support AAPIME professionals in and out of the walls of Point B.
  • Advocate for the interests of our AAPIME employees in Point B’s business strategy, execution, and investments in people and systems.
  • Serve as a resource for Point B recruiting and resourcing efforts to attract further AAPIME talent.

We are committed to listening to our people, driving for systemic change, and creating space where members can show up as their full authentic self. ARISE is also committed to partner with other Point B BRGs and DEI groups in order to collectively push for change, maintain an intersectional lens, and become better allies for one another.

Spencer Chan, Managing Consultant & BRG Lead
ARISE is generating a voice at Point B to help influence the direction of business strategies, improve delivery to our clients, and support growth for our employees. There is still much to accomplish, but as I am proud of my Chinese heritage and my American upbringing, I am also proud Point B strives to continuously improve the employee experience for all of our people. Spencer Chan, Managing Consultant & BRG Lead