It is with great excitement that we announce Anna Norris, Point B Customer Executive based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been named a 2023 Top Consultant for Excellence in Client Services by Consulting Magazine. Anna has spent over 15 years of her career with Point B. She is an all-in leader, dedicated to the success and achievement of her customers, her team, and our company as a whole. She’s deeply driven by her ability to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers, team, family, friends, and with whomever her pass crosses.  

During her tenure, she’s focused on the relationship and delivery of world-class work for a Fortune 10 company in the transportation industry, which she’s supported for all 15 years, consecutively. She’s worked tirelessly to grow Point B’s impact at our customers and is honored to have created a space where customers and Point B’ers alike can thrive and embody successful collaboration.  

“This recognition is the most humbling moment for my team and for myself,” said Anna. “What a hallmark moment to share in the delight, gratitude, and great privilege of serving others and serving them well—and a testament to everyone who took a chance to trust and believe in me throughout my career!”  

Get to know more about the celebration of Anna and her incredible work at Point B in Consulting Magazine and get a look at the full list of this year’s honorees.