"I get the greatest sense of achievement when faced with a challenge and a blank slate. Whether designing and deploying an international store management portal for a global retail customer or standing up Point B's Workforce Experience practice, building a vision and leading a team to success is an accomplishment that never gets old."

We talk a lot about culture here at Point B. It's a living, breathing part of our company that each Point B'er helps shape by leading with empathy, while bringing deep expertise and knowledge to help organizations of all sizes and tenures navigate change, innovate and grow. Kai Andrews, longtime Point B'er and leader in our Workforce Experience practice, embodies this in all of his interactions matching his technology prowess with genuine care for the people who use it. He attributes this, "the ability to make technology relatable at a human level," as one of the biggest factors of his success.

We're big fans of Kai, and we're thrilled to share we're not alone: Kai has been named a Top 25 Consultant in the Nation by Consulting magazine for excellence in technology. Kai has over 20 years of business and IT consulting experience, with expertise in developing digital workplace strategies and designing and implementing collaboration and content management systems. In a time when COVID-19 has forced organizations to quickly adapt and reevaluate their onsite and flexible work arrangements, Kai has been a steadfast source of support, providing insight and guidance to keep customers across the nation moving forward through disruption.

"This is a humbling honor and I am still trying to wrap my head around it. I am in amazing company with both colleagues here at Point B as well as around the world. All I can say is ‘thank you’ to all of those that I work with and for since a recognition like this is only possible through partnership and ultimately friendship," Kai shared. 

Each year Consulting magazine recognizes 25 consultants who have had the most significant impact on customer service, industry excellence and leadership. Awards recipients are selected from hundreds of applications sent in from consulting companies from across the United States.