Building a culture that honors, celebrates, and embodies diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEI+J) is complex. It involves widespread education and understanding, deep conversations and intentional strategies, and the commitment of every individual in our organization. We see this as meaningful, impactful work that helps us continue to grow and contribute to the current and future states of DEI+J in our communities, at our customers, and here at Point B.  

We are honored to be named a 2023 Best Company for Multicultural Women by Seramount, a leading force in promoting DEI in the corporate market. Since 2003, Seramount has tracked and listed corporations’ progress in creating cultures that support, encourage, and uplift multicultural women through their careers. The application process includes more than 500 questions on representation and topics including hiring, attrition, promotion rates, recruitment, retention, advancement programs, and company culture.  

“Receiving this honor shines a light on our diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice efforts at Point B and beyond. The contributions of multicultural women at Point B are deeply felt and valued – this is really about them. We are committed to improving the representation of multicultural women at our firm, as well as building strong programs and policies to support them and their growth. We look forward to using the data that Seramount provides to organizations to continue this meaningful work for years to come,” Nell Haslett-Brousse, DEI Director.  

Learn more about Seramount’s Best Companies Lists on their website.