Point B, an integrated management consulting, venture investment, digital studio and real estate development firm, was honored by the Serendiptiy Center with their annual Jeri Hamilton Extraordinary Service Award. Since 2012, Point B has contributed to the success of a growing number of impactful projects through both skill and generosity of time. Point B has assisted Serendipity in various projects, from customizing a data base, re-conceptualizing Serendipity's marketing, and supporting the most focused and inclusive strategic planning process in the organization's history. 

The award recognizes individuals and corporations whos efforts have enhanced Serendipity's capacity to educate and nurture children. Jeri Hamilton was presented with the first award in 2008. It has become a tradition to conclude Serendipity's annual event, Pearls of Hope, by honoring new extraordinary volunteers with an award presented in Jeri's name.