When we typically think of a disability, we think of elevators, parking spots, wheelchairs or prosthetic limbs. While these are easier to recognize and accommodate, the reality is that most disabilities are unseen and one in four Americans have a disability. Disabilities can be either a physical or mental health issue that affect one's ability to perform functions that others do with ease or without accommodation. Disability awareness is especially important as many people are newly engaging with the disability community due the lasting effects of COVID-19. Having a disability can be difficult and, in some cases, comes with a stigma of being less than. It is not less than – it is a request to be the best possible with appropriate accommodation. It takes courage to let your community know that you have a disability because it means that you are admitting a vulnerability and need for consideration. 

We created the bAbled Business Resource Group (BRG) to create space for Point B'ers with disabilities, and those who care for loved ones with disabilities, to be vulnerable and feel supported. This group will also inform Point B'ers through training, awareness, and inclusion for people with disabilities. Whether your disability is temporary, such as pregnancy, or long term, such as anxiety or depression or multiple sclerosis, this BRG will build the support all Point B’ers need to flourish.

Hear from BRG lead, Amy Hoyt, on what you can learn from people with disabilities.

bAbled Executive Sponsor Jill Going shares her experience and perspective on disabilities, and why now is the time to take up a new lens.

Holidays we celebrate together

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. And for us here at Point B that means taking time to recognize and celebrate the many and diverse contributions of people with disabilities – visible and unseen – at our customers, in our communities and here at Point B. In 2021, Point B is focusing on invisible disabilities with special attention to mental health. We'll be hosting a company-wide event featuring an external speaker who will provide education, insight and guidance to benefit all Point B'ers.

For more than three decades, the Americans with Disabilities Act has made our communities, our ecomony, and our country stronger and more vibrant. Each year on July 26, we celebrate the anniversary of this landmark law and the protection that it provides for all people at our customers, in our communities and here at Point B.