BaP is dedicated to the cultivation and empowerment of Black leaders at the firm and beyond – we are a community of allies and black professionals at Point B.

We're committed to fostering an environment that promotes empowerment celebrates cultural diversity and fosters an inclusive environment for Black professionals to be successful at Point B.

Our people and perspectives

Allissa Latham
BaP was founded to create a safe space for Black people to bring their entire selves to work. Personally, I felt a deep desire to make a change and disrupt the current status quo in America. Think back to the summer of 2020, there was a heaviness in the air and a renewed momentum towards equality. We, the founders of BaP, wanted to make sure that this momentum wasn't lost, but instead built upon – whether it be through helping our communities or making changes internally here at Point B. Allissa Latham
Jolina Harris
I was inspired to lead BaP because I wanted to help create a safe space where I could fellowship with other people that identify with Black culture and understand the layered cultural nuisances. Jolina Harris

How we stay connected 

We have general team meetings with allies every 3rd Thursday of the month from 4pm – 5pm EST. We also have the black professionals space that meets every 1st Thursday of the month from 4-5pm EST.

Holidays we celebrate together

Some important holidays in which the group connected with each other informally and in scheduled meetings (last year) includes:

  • Juneteenth, PRIDE, Veterans Day, MLK Day, Black History Month, Women's History Month, Kwanzaa

This year, we have celebrated Black History Month with a variety of different company events including a Black History Trivia Night for employees and family members as well as a Spoken Word Event.

February is Black History Month, which means celebrating and reflecting on a rich history of Black American culture, innovation and revolution.

2021 marked the first of many celebrations to come here at Point B. BaP team members came together to help Point B’ers celebrate Black History with virtual events like a competitive (and fun!) Trivia Night and A Night of Spoken Word, thought-provoking posts in our company-wide Microsoft Teams site, and collaboration with communities across the country.

Our gratitude to all who have joined in this month, and to all who continue celebration throughout the year.

A Point B founder shares thoughts on Black History Month

Jim Hodge
Black history is my mother's weary chestnut eyes, witness to a thousand atrocities that she'd never share--eyes that looked back at me with anxiety and unease each time I announced plans to hang with friends down the block or at the corner store. Would I return? Whole? She knew Black History is at the center of everything in America, or that it should be. Still, full of hope, my mother prayed for a world where merit and character were enough. I pray for that too. Jim Hodge