As organizations contend with the business impacts of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Point B, a consulting company, is working with customers and experts across the nation and has identified five key areas of focus to keep organizations moving forward toward future growth and success. These include:

  1. Driving Rapid & Sustainable Cost Reduction: Businesses need to achieve transformational and sustainable cost reduction by rapidly eliminating non/low-value activity through automation, process optimization and consolidation, and converting unproductive capacity to higher value purpose.
  2. Transforming Operations into a Competitive Advantage: It’s time to develop both the tools and processes to increase the effectiveness of assets and workflows through simplification, standardization, connectivity to remove silos, and the capability to measure value and cascading KPIs.
  3. Realizing Return of Technology Investments: Organizations must get the most out of their spend and maximize the productive potential of technology investments by developing better ways to collaborate and deliver valuable insights through a keen understanding of data.
  4. Optimizing Workplace and Workforce: Times of rapid change call for a wholistic approach, including human, machine, digital and physical considerations, to empower and engage your workforce and bring value-driven outcomes.
  5. Creating a Customer-Focused Culture: A keen focus on the customer and great customer service has never been more critical. Organizations must look to the future by building, or enhancing, a unique, authentic culture that allows for understanding and flexibility to meet the customer wherever they are.

“Understanding what your business needs to get through this crisis today, while keeping a critical eye to the future, is essential right now,” said Point B President of Consulting Brian Turner. “These five business areas are ones we see help organizations meet current critical needs and prepare for what may come tomorrow.”

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