by Christie Dziubek

Meet Managing Director Christie Dziubek! Christie is the executive leader of our staffing business, Point B Direct. She uses her deep expertise in supply chain and technology transformations to connect top talent with flexible jobs at scale. She is passionate about helping customers accelerate progress towards their goals by listening deeply and differently to understand their unique needs—then matching them with the right talent to mitigate risk and unlock impact.  

We connected with Christie to pick her brain about the world of staffing, the challenges customers are facing, and how they can de-risk the hiring process for the greatest opportunity of long-term success.   

What is one of the key trends that you’re seeing in staffing today?  

We work with leaders who use staffing as a deliberate part of their overall talent strategy. They know that staffing can de-risk their footprint and provide them with the expertise they need to accelerate progress toward their goals. These folks have a plan for the roles they need to fill and job descriptions that are well-matched with their needs. Lately, however, our team at Point B Direct has been working with more and more customers who have unexpected holes to fill on their teams. (We often see this when there is a lot of movement in the marketplace—take the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and Great Resignation, for example.) Leaders are often in a place where they need to rethink their talent and expertise needs across their team. Do they need to restructure roles? Or create new ones? There’s a lot for them to figure out in a short amount of time.   

What advice would you share with these leaders?   

We understand that you’re in urgency mode and need to move quickly. But to set yourself up for success, take a breath and really consider your needs. Map out your role requirements and be deliberate about your job description. Taking the time to think holistically across your needs will save you time, money, and help you meet your goals faster. And don’t be afraid to ask for help! We’ll partner with you to refine your job description and connect you with dozens of ready-made core roles you can use as a starting point.   

Once you know the basics—expectations, experience, skills—go a step further to think about culture fit. This can be a game changer for customers in reducing turnover, especially those who bring hiring managers into the process early on.   

Can you speak more about culture fit? How does that work exactly?  

Getting the right culture fit—with speed—is Point B Direct’s sweet spot. We know that getting quality candidates through the door is just the first step. For them to truly add value, they need to stick around, and be a good match for your organization’s unique culture and ways of working. Our team leverages an assessment that hiring managers and candidates both complete to ensure everything from skillset to culture fit are in sync.   

If you're interested in learning more about finding the perfect fit candidate or what to look for in a staffing partner, I'd love to share our recent webinar on this very topic. Check out the on demand experience here.    

Anything else to share?  

Don’t forget to sell candidates on your job. Contractors want to see how their role adds value and how it fits into the bigger picture. The best talent wants the most critical, interesting, and challenging work. Ensure your job description (and interviews) demonstrate how your open role supports that for your organization. Additionally, consider being flexible with location. We can absolutely match you with local candidates who can be onsite, but you’ll have a greater chance of success in finding the perfect fit with a remote role.    

And now onto our lightening round…answer as quickly and succinctly as possible.  Favorite breakfast food?  


Currently streaming?  

The Crown.   

Early bird or night owl?  

Third bird – I thrive in the afternoon.   

Beach or mountain vacation?   


Chunky or smooth peanut butter?