by Susan Yeazel

Meet Point B Senior Principal Susan Yeazel. Susan is an accomplished health insurance operations and strategy professional with extensive experience in the delivery of imperatives critical to the success of the business. Her secret to sustainable success? Focusing on the possibilities to help payer organizations grow and retain their membership to make the pivotal shift from transaction to health. We caught up with Susan to learn more about what’s on her mind as payer organizations increasingly invest in ways to grow and retain their members through all stages of life.

A strategic focus on marketing is increasingly critical for payer organizations. How can marketing help drive growth and meet retention goals for payers?

Think about the fundamentals of marketing as tools that can be effectively used throughout the entire customer journey. And break down functional barriers inside the organization that prevent this approach. 

What advice would you share for these organizations and their leaders?

The capabilities that successful marketing organizations excel in can be deployed across the entire member lifecycle – from onboarding through service delivery. They can also be used for community engagement and events and to create greater value before, during and after targeted healthcare experiences. Addressing internal navigation challenges with a modern marketing organization will result in value for your customers and your workforce.

You mention that modern marketing teams are a key piece of success.  Can you share a little bit more about why?

The evolution of modern marketing organizations encompasses Planning, Production and Execution and is supported by core capabilities including vendor management, data and analytics, and a talent strategy that encourages cross functional application of capabilities. Breaking down functional silos, or barriers, can help marketing organizations organize around the capabilities that drive customer value. This shift in mindset and operating model is critical to achieving the results organizations seek. Organizations with a modern, capabilities-driven strategy and operations outperform their peers.

How is Point B helping payers navigate this challenge?

We partner with customers and bring skilled and experienced marketing consultants who not only understand the complexities of health plans, but who have also worked in other industries and can bring those learnings forward to benefit our customers. One example of this is from recent work with a national payer following a significant consolidation of multiple lines of business under a single leadership team. As with any significant reorganization the challenge to better organize (and then execute) for success includes things as basic as terminology differences that create communication and process issues, and more complex things like the use of different tools and technology and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our approach kept a keen focus on the priorities of the business: growth and retention powered by personalization across the entire prospect, member and patient journey. We found that by using a consistent framework for evaluating options, many barriers to basic communication, tool and technology rationalization and alignment of KPIs were overcome. With the expertise of the Point B team and our outcome-driven approach the organization was able rapidly agree on priorities, dependencies, and ways to make the case for future investments. Better yet, they are better positioned to serve their members and meet their growth and retention goals.

Physical book or e-reader?

I’m open to both, but there is nothing like holding an actual book in my hands and turning real pages.

Favorite fall activity?

The Midwest is a great place to live in the fall.  Pumpkin patch, corn maze, apple cider, and lots of soup.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Just one? Elasticity. It worked out really well for the mom in The Incredibles.

Go-to tv show?

I love a good documentary and while I have favorite subjects – I also like picking completely at random and am often pleasantly surprised to learn something totally unexpected.