by Talia Avci

Meet Chicago-based Senior Managing Consultant Talia Avci. A digital expert, Talia brings broad business and technology expertise to help healthcare payers modernize their marketing teams and processes to deliver a seamless customer experience. Her secret to sustainable success? Keeping people at the center through changes big and small. We recently caught up with Talia to learn more about what’s on her mind.

A strategic focus on marketing is becoming increasingly critical for Payer organizations. How can marketing help drive growth and meet retention goals for Payers?

Marketing is critical to building connection and influencing action with prospective and existing members. More than ever before, marketing is being seen as growth generator as opposed to a necessary cost center within organizations. In order to make this shift, marketing organizations need to provide visibility into the growth they're generating, build world-class member and provider experiences, and enable the right digital capabilities to keep up with continuously evolving expectations. By aligning marketing metrics and KPIs to your company’s overall objectives and building the right mechanics to track marketing's influence on member acquisition and retention, marketing teams can clearly articulate the impact they have on driving forward their organization's growth strategy.   

What advice would you share for these organizations and their leaders?

Follow these three key guiding principles to find success that sticks:

Foster the Right Culture: Enable a culture and ways of working that foster experimentation, data-driven decision making, and an environment of storytelling that reinforces your brand and meets member needs.

Modernize Your Capabilities: It's critical for payers to continue to evolve their operations to take advantage of new marketing technologies such as AI and automation. Benchmark yourself against others within healthcare and in other industries to make sure new capabilities are benefiting not only members but your employees as well.

Seek New Channels: Last, it's important for marketing organizations to start reaching other stakeholders that may be advocates for their organization. For example, we recently supported a large-scale healthcare system with operationalizing B2B marketing to ultimately improve member growth and retention. By influencing other organizations within the healthcare ecosystem, our customer is now able to accelerate progress towards their growth goals. 

Sweet or savory? 

Usually sweet.

Chunky or smooth peanut butter?


Where can we find you outside of work? 

Running on the Lakeshore Path in Chicago.

Favorite fall tradition? 

Getting spooked at a haunted house or two!

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