Service gives organizations foundational tools to rapidly adapt their strategy for the future.

Point B, a consulting firm that puts humans at the center of change, has launched Rapid Strategy Disruption Response, a service using small teams to rapidly identify customer, market and regulatory trends; confirm key business drivers; and develop multi-year financial planning models to test potential scenarios of investment and increase confidence in decision making during this time of uncertainty.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting physical distancing policies have upended the global economy. Goldman Sachs predicts a 34% decline in the U.S. Gross Domestic Product growth on a quarterly basis in Q2, and consumer behavior is rapidly shifting,” said Point B President of Consulting Brian Turner. “Many organizations have had to quickly try and re-evaluate their strategy beyond removing costs, having a solid business continuity plan in place and mitigating operational impacts. They now must go even deeper and understand if they can make money like they used to, if their business model is still viable, and how consumer behavior might fundamentally shift post-pandemic. Point B’s Rapid Strategy Disruption Response does just this…getting organizations back on track or developing a new path forward. The service guides strategy adaptation and creates a clear plan for execution for organizations facing disruption.”

Point B’s Rapid Strategy Disruption Response identifies new opportunities and options for a path forward through rapid research and insights, value driver evaluation, scenario building and business model review. 

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