“Quite simply, Pat is the Blue Standard,” said Connie Polzin, who worked with him to co-found Point B’s Operations and Process Improvement (OPI) service line. “His clients adore him, and he provides mentorship and guidance to anyone at Point B who asks. Pat is a strategic thought partner as well as a port in the storm when things get a bit hectic. His easy style and commonsense approach are grounding to everyone around him.”

Pat joined Point B in 2010 with deep Lean expertise, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and the desire to help create an OPI service line.  Others see Pat’s commitment to the entire firm in the success of OPI. “Pat has a drive to go above and beyond with his work and support, which benefits every aspect of Point B,” said Emily Moro, a Bay Area principal. “From business development to client delivery, growing the OPI service line, providing associate guidance and even making contributions to our firm’s Finance team, he consistently steps up to the plate to help Point B’ers, our clients and our communities.”

As an experienced Lean Six Sigma principal in OPI, much of Pat’s work involves being a coach and mentor for clients. A former Navy pilot and flight instructor, Pat has said that coaching clients is much like teaching new pilots how to land on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean: “You usually don’t have the luxury of taking the controls away at the first sign of trouble.”

“In the day-to-day pressures of ‘firefighting’ it’s sometimes tempting to simply dictate a solution for clients. But that doesn’t empower them to grow. In that moment, you have to give people the opportunity to identify the problem and internalize the situation, and to teach the tools and nurture the confidence for them to select the correct course of action to correct the problem. It’s a fine balance. Leadership isn’t about telling people what to do; it’s about providing the frameworks and asking the right questions to help people come to their own understanding to make the right decisions.”

True to form, Pat accepts the Blue Standard as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on his colleagues and what he calls the “purely collaborative culture” at Point B.