This quarter's Point B Blue Standard Award honors Brayton Gove, a brilliant analyst at Point B Capital who also thinks and works across Point B's set of integrated businesses to deliver new value to the company's clients.

Since leaving a fast-rising Wall Street career to join Point B Capital in 2010, Brayton's financial acumen, opportunistic vision and outcome-driven focus have been instrumental to the healthy growth of the company's venture capital fund—and beyond.

"Brayton has an insatiable appetite for learning about what's next and what our strategic opportunities could be," said John Bjornson, president of Point B Capital. "He is constantly bringing up what we call '1 + 1= 3' opportunities."

As Point B has evolved, Brayton sees such synergistic opportunities for the company to be greater than the sum of its parts. He helps drive innovations in cross-business integration to bring clients unique and growing value.

"In addition to his work with Point B Capital, Brayton consistently helps Consulting with a variety of projects," said Kevin Mackey, practice director of Business Technology at Point B Consulting. "He played a key role in pushing the Business Technology team's thinking on what was possible, and how we could create additional value for Point B by mixing in other players and identifying opportunities to go to market in new ways with data and analytics. It’s amazing to think that a guy with an investment background is able to challenge the people with Consulting and BI backgrounds on how our current offerings may be limited. It’s even more amazing to think that he’s doing things like this in the service of others and isn’t seeking credit."

"Brayton is always thinking about of what we can do to get to the outcome," John Bjornson said. "He is constantly pushing for different ways to create value that we've never created or even contemplated. He constantly goes above and beyond in his efforts and challenges himself to do additional research and think about opportunities no one else saw. He has a great vision of what we can become, and is committed to helping others see that future state."

"Bray's part of the team at Point B Capital, but he also feels part of other teams," said Point B's Dennin Brasch. "He doesn't think in terms of us and them. It's we, Point B. He gets really excited about ideas—not who or where they come from on the org chart. And he challenges ideas in a way that makes them better. I can't imagine a new business idea that I wouldn't ask him about. I go to him not just because he's a financial genius, but because he's Bray."

Not one to seek the spotlight, Brayton would rather shine this moment of recognition on the opportunities ahead for Point B and its clients.

"Given the size we've become, we have so many opportunities to diversify our assets through people, capital and all the new businesses we look at. There's so much value to think differently about how we deliver. We don't need to always be on the bleeding edge, but we do need to be informed by the bleeding edge in order to help our clients. It's what excites me about the accelerating pace of innovation: how to hold onto that front line to help clients achieve their goals."