Brian has a way of respecting, understanding and putting others first that wins the loyalty of colleagues and customers alike: “Being of service is like oxygen to Brian. He is a servant leader. No question or request is too small or too big. At the same time, he serves not only his customers, but also his colleagues, friends, family, and community.” Customers have said he’s the most genuine person they’ve ever met, and at the end of the engagement, they don’t want to let him go. He builds relationships on honesty and trust. As a market leader, he is always thinking forward and focused on growth. He’s been instrumental in developing our New York market, where he created growth opportunities by aligning his team to industries each person was interested in. He also brought his entrepreneurial mojo to developing our Dallas, Boston, and Minneapolis markets. Over the years, he’s built an internal and external network of trusted relationships that span our markets—people who are there for Brian just as he’s there for them. It’s all about getting things done with excellence, and it’s always for others.

More about Brian—in his own words.

Proud moment: Leading hundreds of people and 26 workstreams through the complete renewal of a community hospital that MultiCare acquired. We implemented Epic, updated all technology and equipment, and rehabilitated the facility—all while the entire hospital kept running. I’m proud that, in nine months, we completed what typically takes 18-36 months. Another high point for me was officially opening our New York market in 2019. It was a labor of love not just for me, but for the whole team.

Heroes: My daughter Meghan. She had learning challenges and she still made the dean’s list in undergraduate and grad school. Two years ago, she broke her back and one of her legs in a climbing accident that doctors said she shouldn’t even have survived. Despite the pain, all the PT and physical constraints, she earned her master’s with honors and has gone on to become a teacher in an underserved community and to buy her first house on her own. It just amazes me to see her tenacity—the strength of her character and will to get up every day and do what she does.

Passions:  I love to travel. We’ve been on an 18-day photo safari in Africa and zig-zagged Italy from Rome to Sicily and the Amalfi coast. Coming up: southern France.

Must read/must watch:  Trashy murder mysteries are my guilty pleasure.

Why Point B:  Before I joined Point B, I’d been a buyer of its services, and I saw how much people liked their jobs. They worked hard, had fun, and got things done. I wanted to be part of it. I came to Point B to help create the company and experience I always dreamed of. I’ve been fortunate to have great mentors, and I want to pay it forward. It’s not about climbing a ladder—it’s about making a difference.

Motto:  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Take what’s fair.

The secret to human-centered change:  Meet people where they’re at. Understand their motivation—what matters to them. Give them a voice.