This winter, the Point B Blue Standard Award honors Greg Gardner for going above and beyond to serve Point B clients, build our Chicago practice, and advance our culture in everything he does.

As Greg moved to Boston last fall to support our New England practice, Point B'ers who have worked with him in Chicago spoke to the genius of his client delivery solutions, "the massive database that is his brain," the major accounts he has landed and grown, and the time he invests in mentoring others so they can shine.

"Everyone who has worked with Greg has sung his praises in terms of how he's mentored them and improved their delivery," said Sergio Da Silva, a Chicago associate. "His ability to add value is second to none. He was instrumental in building a PMO and an infrastructure community in Chicago. The quality of his client delivery leads to new business opportunities. I can't think of one thing he doesn't excel at. And somehow he produces more than anyone; he's efficient. His ownership perspective is always focused on how we can do things better."

That said, his impact has reached well beyond his former role as principal consultant in Chicago and current role as interim practice director in New England. Greg has helped the global executive team advance its thinking about how Point B delivers transformational projects. He is also the product owner of Point B's turnaround and Health Check offering, a proprietary service created by Brian Turner, and a product manager for Point B’s Regulatory Compliance focus area.

Probably best known across the firm as our "cleaner," Greg is a pragmatic change agent with a track record of turning around floundering organizations. As he puts it, "I come in when clients are having a bad day and make it better. I have a personal fundamental belief that everyone and everything can be better. Even though, by practice, I'm always looking out for all the risks, I'm really optimistic."

"Greg builds raving fans pretty much wherever he goes," said Tara Sayre, who met him when she moved to Chicago from our Southern California market. "It was clear to me from the beginning that he was an exceptional Point B'er. People consistently turn to him for support in challenging client situations. He is deeply engaged in numerous sales pursuits. It seemed like any time there was a question about something, people said, 'call Greg.' He always rose to the occasion. He wants to be there when you need him."

No tribute to Greg would be complete without a shout out to his fun Friday Five posts on Yammer. Since 2011, associates have looked forward to his weekly 'newsletter' of songs and music videos that recognize people and events of the week in his inimitable, quirky style.

"Greg has created so many ways to connect with his clients and develop trusted relationships through his work," said Nancy Kulick, a Chicago associate. "His raw intelligence, charm and affection for his teams come together in a way that really drive results for his clients.  And outside of work, many of his clients are part of his community. He's going to be amazing for our New England market."