The majority of cloud transformation projects stall or fail to meet promised results. Moves to the cloud at the app-level, or even the system level, are likely to transfer your existing headaches to a new location—and not deliver the transformation you were after.

While the promises of the cloud are impressive, making the move to the cloud a business decision—not just a technology one—is key to harnessing the cloud’s true power. Our cloud consulting strategy will improve your collaboration and access to information, reduce costs, and modernize your operations. Point B will show you the right way to move to the cloud to truly transform your business and make you a cutting-edge competitor.

Our Expertise

Enterprise Apps

Trapped on legacy applications and hardware? Can’t modernize your business processes? Ready to focus your application team on delivering new business benefits instead of maintenance? We help you take advantage of cloud-based applications, like Software as a Service, including ERP, CRM, Sales and Marketing, HR, Data Analytics and other transformational technologies.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Delivering new business capabilities quickly and responding to dynamic business demands requires the scalability, elasticity, and agility of the cloud. But getting to the cloud isn’t as simple as adopting Infrastructure as a Service. It’s a multi-faceted transformation. We help you plan your journey from the business case to technology, and operational process changes to cultural changes. Then we help you migrate quickly while balancing risk.

Cloud Accelerator

Get alignment, get focused and get moving to the cloud. Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean endless strategies, planning, and architecting. Get started quickly and gain experience, then apply that experience. We accelerate your journey while managing the risk. We bring the business, operational, and technical expertise to evaluate your needs, lay out a secure base architecture, and deliver a valuable proof of concept. This will guide your next steps and provide you with the practical experience to change gears and accelerate.

Cloud Collaboration

Move from “having meetings” to high performing teams by taking advantage of new collaboration capabilities available in the cloud. We help your teams transform their culture, processes, technology and learn to develop new ways of working together.

Cloud Optimization

Did you realize the financial savings, speed-to-delivery, and productivity boosts you expected when you moved to the cloud? Moving to the cloud isn’t just about technology. That’s just the first step of your transformation. We help you optimize your operational processes and manage your cloud financials. We help you move to DevOps and DevSecOps, and embrace an Agile approach for rapid delivery. In short, we help your organization mature it’s business delivery in the cloud for the long run, not just the initial toe-dip.

Change Management

Setting the right expectations, obtaining buy-in, and driving adoption are critical to the success of any cloud transformation project. We’ve proven over the years that change management is most effective when it begins with the project kickoff – a very different approach than simply training users at go-live. We bring expertise and tools developed over hundreds of engagements to address all aspects of change management.

Process Improvement

Any significant transformation/implementation will fail to achieve the expected ROI without adjusting processes to fit the new platform. Point B is recognized as a leader in process improvement services, and we fully appreciate the delicate balance required. Too little, and the system won’t be useable. Too much, and the process work will consume the implementation process, causing delays and breaking the budget.