Why did you join Point B?

I first heard about Point B from a Senior Associate in the Portland Market, Kirsten Markley, who I worked with at my former employer When she joined Point B, we kept in close contact and met every month or so and caught up on life, and her life at Point B.

Every time I chatted with her she mentioned how great the culture of Point B is and how the opportunities she was looking for aligned with her interests.

We kept meeting and meeting, and I finally decided to pursue Point B when I was ready for a new challenge. After starting the recruiting process and meeting with four or five Point B folks, what Kirsten had shared with me really started to resonate. It may be too good to be true, but everyone I met was genuine, and each person had a positive and unique experience that aligned with their career goals. This is what I wanted in an employer.

Another reason I joined was to get more connected with my community. I wanted to start building my local network, which I wasn’t able to previously since I was traveling every week for six years. I don’t have a lot of family in Portland, I’m from Wisconsin originally. I not just built a network of Point B contacts, but they really became my family.

I think to sum it all up I joined for a few reasons: One, the professional opportunity, the culture, and the caliber of talented people. And two, Point B is really supportive of building your own network and presence in the community.

How would you describe the firm culture at Point B?

The culture is very powerful. Every person I have met at Point B cares about people. It obviously is the clients, but in addition to that it is the other Point Bers. It is not a highly competitive environment. It is more collaborative to support our clients and support our community. I have been so impressed.

When we make decisions within Point B, we consistently ask, how will this affect the people? The company has instilled a value around culture, a value around community. Point B lives and breathes this value every day.

We have had a ton of adventures already: gone hiking, summited mountains, and supported our groups in our community, and having fun while we do it.

How would you describe Point B to a friend who is interested in joining?

I would talk to them about how Point B truly empowers its own people to pursue their career. It is almost like a choose-your-own-adventure type company, which sounds kind of silly, but it really is at the same time. Flexibility in work hours, the ability to pursue the types of roles you are interested in. This can be anything from a service you want to build or different industry you want to work in. The Point B folks will support you. It is a company that wants to support its community and work with smart people who they want to learn from. It really is a win-win.

How does Point B help you achieve your career goals?

I think Point B identifies different roles during your career to help understand what your goals are and how to grow and develop towards those. I am very close to my one-on-one director, the account lead on my project, and a super smart senior associate on this project as well. With all three of them I talk about what the different career paths are and ways to get involved. Those people have really empowered me to help give me the tools to gain the experience and develop. All in all, Point B has really allowed me to get a group of people that actually care about my career goals behind me.

What are you able to do with your downtime with the work-life balance at Point B?

My husband and I actually just bought a house, and this downtime has allowed me to spend time at home. My weekends previously were just spent recovering so I could travel again, but because of the local emphasis with Point B, we have been able to shop for and buy a house. We even have a puppy to spend time with as well!