Ashish Vatsal joined Point B in 2013 as an Associate, and is now a Senior Associate and Account Leader in the Portland market. Not only does he deliver high quality client service - which earned him the honor of being named a top 35 consultant in the nation under 35 by Consulting magazine - he has also served as a member of the culture and recruiting teams and the business development operational director for Portland! 

Why did you join Point B?

I was looking to move to Portland from Chicago for personal reasons, and I wanted to stay in management consulting. Point B quickly rose to the top of potential options based on what I heard about the company. Point B’s numerous awards for its culture were especially attractive to me.

I came from a large strategy consulting firm that gave me great training and experience. I wanted to build on this and bridge strategy and execution. I liked the fact that Point B not only develops strategies, but converts them to execution plans and sees them through to fruition.

I was also attracted by our Venture Capital arm (Point B Capital). In my prior life, I worked on Wall Street, and I was eager to explore ways to combine consulting and finance.

How have you individually made an impact on the firm?

I’ve been fortunate to be part of a team that is helping to grow our internal Strategy and Innovation practices. I led an internal knowledge inventory project from start to finish. This is a living database of successful past work we can draw on as we do impactful Strategy and Innovation work in the future. One of the perks of this role is interviewing Point B’ers about the amazing work they’ve done. It’s humbling to be part of a company with so many talented people who are all so willing to share their experience!

How would you describe the firm culture at Point B?

Point B is a collection of collaborative owners. I served as a member of Portland’s culture team, which helps set the tone of our events, plans fun activities like give-back campaigns, and welcomes new associates to the market. We also help promote cross-pollination of ideas within the market.

One of my favorite things about our culture is that we sponsor various athletic events like the MS Bike Ride and Wild Canyon Games (an outdoor multiday triathlon/obstacle course event). Events such as these allow us to get to know each other on a personal level, which makes a big difference when we work together. Finally, I love our leave of absence policy. A few years ago, my wife and I decided to take an extended honeymoon by backpacking in Patagonia for two months. Our flexible work model made this a seamless process.