Curtis Graham was living in Brazil in 2015. Knowing that he was planning to move back to the US, he started researching job opportunities. He found glowing reviews about Point B's amazing culture, employee ownership, and flexibility. As he went through the recruiting process, he realized that all of it was true indeed. He joined Point B's Phoenix market in August 2015. 

Why did you join Point B?

I first heard of Point B when a recruiter reached out to me via LinkedIn detailing some opportunities. At the time I was living in Brazil and, knowing I was going to come back to the US, thought I would research it a little bit more. After going through the recruiting process I realized everything I had read online was true; the amazing culture, being employee-owned, flexibility, etc...

How would you describe the culture at Point B?

The culture at Point B is one that promotes flexibility, teamwork and humbleness. The thing I like most about Point B is that when you ask for help people genuinely go out of their way to help in any way they can.  This has been the case again and again in my short tenure here.

What is your favorite thing about Point B?


Besides your client service delivery role, how else do you stay involved at Point B?

I stay involved by being a part of both the Phoenix recruiting team as well as the culture team, which plans frequent team building events. Moreover, I stay busy doing analytics training to expand my knowledge base so that eventually I can be staffed at an analytics engagement.

How does Point B help you achieve your career goals?

So far, Point B has supported my career goals by subsidizing the analytics training I am currently enrolled in. At the same time, Point B has been flexible/supportive when I have demonstrated interest in a particular topic. You truly own your career at Point B, you can take it wherever you want it to go… “You just gotta wanna.”

What are you able to do in your downtime with the work/life balance at Point B?

In my downtime, I like playing basketball, going to the gym, traveling and listening to/mixing music.