Senior Associate Kelsey Miller joined Point B's Seattle market in August 2015, after interning with Point B during graduate school. She loves the genuine culture, the flexibility to create her own career path, and above all, the people.

Why did you join Point B?

I was introduced to Point B during graduate school.  It fit all of my standard checkboxes: location, industry, size, and career opportunities, among others.  However, it was the only company that fit a checkbox one of my mentors called, "the place [to work] that feels like home." Point B is filled with authentic, values-driven people and it is a place where I am encouraged to bring my true self each day.

How would you describe the culture at Point B?

Genuine. This was first apparent to me during the recruiting process. I could tell that Point B'ers were not delivering lip-service when they talked about the firm.  After joining, I also discovered that people genuinely enjoy the work they do, genuinely want to do what is right for the client, and genuinely care about others.

Besides your client service delivery role, how else do you stay involved at Point B?

The hardest part about getting involved at Point B is deciding HOW to get involved!  The recruiting team was my first point of contact with the firm.  They made the process feel personal and authentic, and I knew I wanted to pay that experience forward after joining full-time by helping to recruit at my alma mater, the University of Washington.  I have also found myself participating in Associate community meet-ups, coordinating the holiday party for our account team, walking with Point B'ers to raise awareness for pediatric brain tumor research, and collecting over $2,300 worth of Star Wars toys for a fundraiser for one of our largest healthcare clients.

How does Point B help you achieve your career goals?

For better or worse, I admittedly don't have an explicit career roadmap.  My current focus is to follow a path of continuous learning.  Point B supports me in that by giving me the flexibility to explore new industries and companies.  I’ve also been able to take several training courses on topics including project leadership and consulting agility.

What is your favorite thing about Point B?

The people.  I have already learned so much working alongside down-to-earth, driven, and creative leaders.  My Point B colleagues are my role models in so many ways.  They are passionate about delivering high-quality work to clients, making a difference in the community, and encouraging their colleagues along the way.

Describe your most memorable Point B experience.

During my internship, I participated in an event where Point B’ers were invited to attend a watering hole conversation in or near their neighborhood.  About ten of us gathered in the home down the street from my own to enjoy a meal and discuss how we (Point B) go above and beyond to “delight our clients.”  I will never forget how warmly I was welcomed, the genuine thoughtfulness in the ideas presented, and, of course, how delicious the food tasted.  It was an event that epitomized Point B!

What are you able to do in your downtime with the work/life balance at Point B?

I recently became a new mother, so "downtime" is now a relative term. The work/life balance at Point B has allowed me to honor my priorities and adjust to our new routines as a family of three. Between spending time with my husband, son, family, and friends outside of work, I’m really excited to be training for a triathlon and serving on the board for my alumni association.

How would you describe Point B to a friend who’s interested in joining?

Point B is a growing, values-driven company that is consistently striving to do what is right for its employees, its clients, and its community.  It is a place that honors people on an individual basis, and a place where people are encouraged to be their authentic, true self.