Liz Dengel is a Senior Associate in Point B's Chicago market, who joined the firm in August 2015 after a summer internship. She talks about what set Point B apart from other consulting firms she considered, and why she ultimately chose Point B.

Why did you join Point B?

When choosing a summer internship between my first and second year of business school, I focused on two consulting firms in Chicago that didn’t require travel. At one firm, the consultants took cabs home every night at 11PM and spoke longingly of the day when they would “buy back some time” by moving to a lower-paying job with better work/life balance. Point B was a stark contrast. The Point B’ers I met were happy, smart, and charismatic employee-owners who prized both choice and stewardship. I had a phenomenal summer associate experience in 2014 and couldn’t wait to come back full-time after graduation.

How would you describe the culture at Point B?

Collaborative, driven, and unpretentious.

Besides your client service delivery role, how else do you stay involved at Point B?

I led my first account team culture event in the fall and am currently scheming with my account leader about how to get our account team into playing Pandemic, a collaborative board game in which you save the world. I also recently joined the recruiting team.

What would you like to work on next at Point B?

As a summer associate, I worked with Alex Chang on a client’s partnership to launch a new insurance business in Brazil. I would love to work on another go-to-market implementation.

What is your favorite thing about Point B?

How energized I feel when I’m around other Point Bers.

What are you able to do in your downtime with the work/life balance at Point B?

I hang out with my husband (and our two cats), try out new recipes, lure myself to the gym with really bad/great TV, and see plays.