Samantha Thompson is an Associate who joined Point B’s Phoenix office in October 2014. She enjoys working with her wonderful and philanthropic colleagues and has a background in healthcare. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the beautiful outdoors of Phoenix. Find out why she loves working at Point B. [Check out her "Week in the Life" photos.]

How would you describe Point B’s culture?

Point B’s culture is supportive, engaging, upbeat, driven and intelligent.

The firm as a whole, is very focused on understanding and providing what is best for its people as well as for clients. Every Point B’er brings something unique and valuable to the table while all still having the common fundamental nature of truly caring about our clients’ needs. On top of offering top notch leadership services, we have a ton of fun! 😊

The Phoenix market team is unique in that, we are a small group with a feel that could be assimilated to a large family dynamic. We make a point to interact regularly and keep close ties with one another which is wonderful.

How does Point B help you grow?

As I mentioned before, every Point B’er brings a unique expertise to the firm. Working alongside these individuals allows you to gain perspective of market intelligence, technical and leadership skills and general consulting knowledge/experience of others.

Formalized training is also offered which aligns with the firm’s values and goals, while supporting the individual to explore areas of interest. Additionally, Point B’ers have the opportunity to become involved from an enterprise perspective, which isn’t necessarily available at other consulting firms. I am part of Point B’s recruiting team because I enjoy networking and finding great talent.

Our consultants are not limited to a specific industry or functional alignment, but are able to branch into other areas of interest. For example, although I have a healthcare background, I have been able to develop my leadership skills with clients outside of the health industry. However, due to my remaining interest and desire to stay involved, I am part of the healthcare team in Phoenix. Point B offers flexibility in support of employees overall growth.

How does Point B help you give back to the community?

One of Point B’s core values is “service.” We care about the markets in which we work and want to see local businesses and organizations prosper. Specifically in the community of Phoenix, six Point B’ers serve as charity board members.

As a market, we engage in and sponsor annual events in support of these specific organizations while also seeking out other ways to get involved. Bike MS is coming up, and I am excited to participate!

We recently celebrated Phoenix’s 10-year anniversary with a dinner party, during which, guests were given a token which they could choose to donate to any of the sponsored charities.

What keeps you motivated at Point B?

I can’t say it enough – Point B cares. It’s easy to stay motivated at a firm where you are surrounded by others with the same drive to do great work and be their best selves.

I find myself faced with new challenges every day, consistently having the opportunity to learn and develop as a leader. It is motivating to see how well-received Point B is with our clients. As an early career associate, I love to hear about the experiences of my fellow coworkers and strive to uphold the same caliber of presence and delivery.