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Why did you join Point B?

I moved to the US almost 2 years ago with my husband, and was unsure what to expect from a culture and professional community perspective. I was looking for a firm that would give me different opportunities and was invested in their people. I applied through the Point B website and got a prompt follow up. Although I was interviewing with a few other firms, and even had an offer in hand, I was drawn to Point B because of three key things:

  1. The possibilities. There were endless possibility to explore, adapt and reinvent myself.
  2. The people. All the people I interviewed with had one thing in common: they were genuine, humble and honest. And that didn’t end at the interview. When I joined Point B, within my first month, I got asked out to numerous coffee and lunch meetings.
  3. Awareness around diversity. The firm acknowledges the benefits of diverse voices and opinions. We discuss diversity issues in the workplace, and that has made me more comfortable in my skin. I feel I can bring my authentic self to work.

How would you describe the culture at Point B?

It is a great mix of collaboration and learning. The firm is a very flat organization, with an emphasis on each individual’s journey. The leaders are approachable, which makes it easier to voice your opinions and actually be heard. It is a very healthy environment which supports the growth and development of its associates and celebrates success!

How does Point B help you achieve your career goals?

Point B provides the support to hone my soft skills through excellent 1:1 mentoring and coaching, while encouraging me to develop my technical skills. I have been able to work on diverse projects and learn new skills. The opportunities at Point B have helped me realize my true career goals and look at the big picture.

Besides your client service delivery role, how else do you stay involved at Point B?

I love staying involved in the firm’s extracurricular activities – both internally and externally -that help and grow the organization. During my time at Point B, I have planned and hosted the National Practice quarterly meeting. I am passionate about Learning & Development. Point B has been very supportive in helping me pursue my passion by leading the Learning & Development Emerging Leader community for the National practice. I have participated in EDI conversations and efforts to help make Point B a more inclusive place for all associates. Along with my colleagues at Point B, I participated in Social Venture Partners Entrepreneurship event where I mentored a candidate on her project. She ended up making it to the final round, and got funding for her profit initiative called “Eco Shelter.”

What is your favorite thing about Point B?

Relationships. The 1:1 relationships I have developed here have helped me grow in a dynamic way, which can only happen when a firm consciously cultivates a culture of trust, loyalty and respect. I have been lucky enough to have not one, but two great mentors at Point B.

What are you able to do in your downtime with the work/life balance at Point B?

In my spare time, I love watching musicals (Hamilton!!), reading and traveling. In fact, consulting has fueled my appetite for traveling, and we have sort of become ‘aggressive travelers.’ In Seattle, we love going for hikes during the summer and doing DIY home improvement projects for our new condominium.