The Challenge

A leading e-commerce consigner needed a new 500,000-square-foot fulfillment center to support its projected rapid revenue growth. It also had a pressing near-term need for added capacity. At the speed and scale of its business, the company lacked the internal bandwidth and expertise to deliver such a key large-scale program while maintaining day-to-day operations at its existing facilities. Leadership engaged Point B to provide overall program management and deep expertise in design, construction and operational readiness.

A fast track to 500,000 sq. ft.

Based on existing project data, our client's new building lease and design/construction contracts, we created a critical-path schedule that brought together all players and kept all aspects of the program on track – from procurement and finance to design and construction, HR, IT and security.

We converted product volumes to space requirements and then developed both interim and long-term space/capacity solutions for all functional areas, including fulfillment, authentication, copywriting, photography, fine jewelry, storage, and more.

Working closely with key vendors, we streamlined proposed schedules. We also identified work that would typically occur sequentially to be done in parallel, saving precious time. We delivered a number of early design packages that moved the schedule forward without having to wait for all final design. Our ability to speak the language of internal teams and contractors saved time at key junctures, accelerating decisions when we needed them. In addition to saving time, we identified a significant tenant improvement allowances of which our client had been unaware. This proved instrumental in meeting the project spending target in 2019.

Partners in facilitating growth

Point B led the successful design, construction and delivery of Phase I within 5.5 months – 128,000 square feet of new fully-functioning office, production and warehouse space, which came in well under budget.

We are now managing delivery of Phase II, the facility's remaining 364,000+ square feet – all of which will be completed without impacting current production capacity.

Based on this project's success, our client has engaged Point B to oversee its next step of growth – a new 30,000-square-foot west coast facility. We're also helping leadership consider new data analytics approaches to more accurately predict demand and begin planning for it sooner.