Staying competitive in the broadcast news industry is a challenge in the age of 24-hour cable news. One national media organization wanted to create a local news app that would prove sticky with customers, but wasn’t sure whether to invest in personalization or another strategy. The organization’s business and IT teams were siloed, and leadership wasn’t getting the information it needed to make a decision. At risk of losing their audience to more digitally advanced competitors, they brought in Point B for a strategy consultation.

Validating the strategy

Our client wanted to understand how personalization was applicable to local news apps. As the client’s Director of Business Development says, “We had some ideas about what we wanted, but we needed fresh thinking and a framework in order to cut through some of our organizational hurdles.”

They brought Point B on board to help validate their decision to invest in personalization, and asked us to help them deliver a strategy and a roadmap. We helped the company crystallize its goals and vision for the project and then did a thorough assessment, interviewing more than 30 key stakeholders and performing market trend analysis. We also led workshops that helped the client with ideation and worked with stakeholders to identify gaps.

Identifying the underlying issue

During the process, we realized that a larger issue was keeping the company from achieving their goals: not all stakeholders had a seat at the table.

The team in charge of ideation and planning wasn’t including the technical team who would design and build the app, so they couldn’t contribute to the overall strategy. Once we brought them

into the fold, the technical team produced research that helped our client decide to move forward with personalization.

After validating their decision with market research, we developed a roadmap that prioritized initiatives based on market trend analysis. Now the client has a clear path to move forward with developing and testing the local news app.

The approach has been a success. “The earlier you get buy-in from developers, the more coherent the product is—and the more efficient the whole process is,” says the Director of Business Development.

Result: Increased efficiencies

As a result, the business and technical sides of the company now work in concert. Developers, with a seat at the table, bring in fresh insights and original research to help the business achieve its goals.

And our client’s embrace of personalization is paying off. “The impact of personalization here is enormous, and we continue to use personalization as a key differentiating strategy for greater customer engagement,” says a general manager at the company.