It may seem like a good problem for a new company to have: serving over 850,000 customers in six states on Day One. But what does it take to stand up an entirely new corporate infrastructure in less than six months? Point B led the creation of Allied Wireless Communications Corporation through the complex transfer of assets divested from Verizon’s acquisition of Alltel. Our approach quickly prepared the new company to open its doors and meet immediate business needs. At the same time, we looked ahead and positioned our client for long-term success.

Aligning structure and strategy

With time of the essence, Point B provided overall leadership for the new company’s formation. Working closely alongside its functional leaders in Finance, Corporate Services, Marketing, Network Operations, Customer Care and Day One transition, we identified key decisions to be made about business structure and strategy and shared our assessment of any trade-offs involved. We also designed a strategic roadmap for all functional areas, earned stakeholders’ support, and provided the clarity to move forward quickly.

Building lean from the start

We were often a voice of experience for “less is more” as the company took shape. Building a small but scalable structure for Allied Wireless was key to moving quickly on business imperatives, operating efficiently across all functional areas, and creating value for a company that was one-tenth the size of its original organization.

We were a vocal advisor and advocate on another key issue: Protecting the company’s revenue and reducing churn by retaining its inherited customer base.

We provided negotiating advice on a one-year transition services agreement with Verizon that helped ensure service quality and continuity from Day One.