The Challenge

One of the world's leading beauty brands wanted to dramatically rethink its approach to training and employee engagement for its more than 18,000 Beauty Advisors—the forward face of its brand at retail. The company had been delivering ad hoc expertise via print collateral, which lacked the interactivity and ability to quickly share the latest product and sales information. The company engaged the Point B Experience Design Team to transform its decentralized communications into a digital platform, creating a global community that connects frontline sales staff anytime, everywhere.

Connecting 18,000+ advisors

Based on our analysis of the existing employee communications and training process, we applied our Experience Roadmap methodology to shift staff from print collateral to a scalable, digital employee engagement platform. The end-to-end solution includes all the requirements and tools to develop and train high-impact global brand ambassadors, including personalized content delivery, responsive architecture and visual design, and social gamification and badging. In addition to the strategic roadmap and requirements for the platform, we included program maintenance and content management to keep it fresh.

Engaging a global community

What does it take to create a global experience that employees around the world will feel at home with? We wanted to engage users in three synergistic ways:

Engaging across devices. We developed a responsive web-based experience that makes content available at all times, on all devices.

Engaging in 28 languages. User profiles intelligently surface local content in the user's language.

Engaging through play. We keep the experience fun and dynamic with online gamification techniques. To create deeper engagement and infuse the experience with emotion, we implemented a social learning system in the platform. Rewards and incentives—such as badging and contests tied to Beauty Advisor profiles—encourage group participation and competition.

Beautiful Results

With early and enthusiastic adoption of this new platform, our client has been quick to see its value. This "digital makeover" has reduced the cost of creating new training content while dramatically increasing speed to market. It's a huge leap forward in tracking, measuring and evaluating the impact of training content and investments. Bottom line: more engaged, knowledgeable employees and a better customer experience.