The Challenge

A large regional pediatric hospital network is nationally known for the outstanding care it delivers. While several of its clinics consistently achieved high ratings in patient surveys, others were struggling. They wanted to elevate the patient experience to ensure consistent excellence across the entire system. Leadership engaged Point B to share our expertise in design thinking with three goals: identify patient and care team challenges; create a set of initiatives that will improve the patient experience; and transfer design thinking skills to the organization.

Thinking differently in 3 days

To identify the challenges keeping some clinics from delivering on their goals, Point B conducted 23 in-person interviews across 15 departments. We also analyzed patient survey feedback to gain insight from the perspectives of patients and families that may be contributing to lower survey scores.

Based on the findings, we identified key themes and led a three-day design sprint to explore them with cross-functional teams – including physicians, nurses, therapists and clinic operations.

We dedicated a day to each of the three key elements of the design thinking journey: discovery, ideation and iteration. We carefully selected design thinking tools to ensure that the solutions coming out of the sprint would be grounded in empathy for patients and care teams.

In addition to facilitating the sprint, we trained team members in the use of design thinking methods that will support their ongoing work

Putting empathy into action

In three days, the design sprint gave our client a new understanding of the challenges care teams face in meeting patient-experience goals and expectations. Cross-functional stakeholders came together on the top priorities for improvement. The sprint led to 10 creative concepts, 5 of which were presented to the executive team with clear next steps for piloting the final picks. Teams were quick to integrate the concepts chosen for further investment into an execution roadmap for the rest of the year.

Even beyond the sprint's immediate value, Point B's transfer of design thinking skills gives our client enduring knowledge capital tailored to its own organization. More than 200 members of the organization were exposed to the power of design thinking tools. Participants in the sprint have committed to using these tools in their day-to-day work. With design thinking in action across the organization, our client is better equipped to consistently live its brand promise: delivering outstanding care across all clinics, to all of its patients and families.