The Challenge

One of the world’s most respected financial organizations wanted to completely realign its nonintegrated sales and marketing processes. They needed a comprehensive solution that would elevate their customer experience and allow the organization to operate more efficiently. The current state of marketing and sales execution was fragmented across various departments, enabled through manual processes, isolated digital tools, and decentralized data, all of which significantly slowed the sharing of vital customer information. The organization engaged Point B to transform its operating model into a single, enterprise-level digital platform that would optimize performance, while vastly improving the engagement touchpoints with customers.

Making the connection

Building on existing relationships and knowledge of our client’s structure and processes, we met with stakeholders from across sales, marketing, compliance and technology to assess current and future needs of a single digital platform. Point B aligned all stakeholders to a multi-phased program strategy that lead the organization through incremental wins founded on their most pressing pain points.

Unifying outcomes

With the strategy set, we drove program execution that focused on three major outcome targets:

Enterprise execution. We created the first, enterprise-level marketing ecosystem by integrating all channels to house customer and marketing data from across the organization’s three business units. At the center, the marketing automation platform established a single view of the customer, providing a seamless experience across programs and activities. The complimentary suite of integrated digital tools auto-enabled new targeting capabilities to increase overall program effectiveness.

Guaranteed compliance. The centralized architecture provided a better means to meet all data and marketing regulations. In addition, new data controls supported real-time, cross-channel customer preference management.

Connectivity between sales and marketing. For the first time, handoff between sales and marketing could be automated. Previous manual processes often created delays and provided no method for tracking and reporting value. Marketing processes and opportunities now integrate directly with sales activities, providing a line of sight into marketing metrics, and allowing the organization to gain speed and track valuable data throughout its customer outreach.  

Impressive dividends

By enabling more effective communication and business process management, the company is now able to align data and customer governance across three business units. Operating more efficiently, and with new capabilities, has made it possible for the company to deliver – and realize – an even greater value: a more rewarding customer experience.