by Srividya Sankaran


An educational publisher had a problem: They needed to get their software to market more quickly. Their digital platforms and software have increasingly become key revenue drivers and an integral part of the customer experience. The client team’s ad hoc processes were largely manual, and its delivery pipeline was simply inefficient. Exacerbating the problem, the publisher had limited resources and faced growing complexity in their technology tool chest. As a result, the company was experiencing key delivery delays. It could, for example, take up to three weeks to set up a new development environment. The publisher came to Point B for help with building a strategic development and operations (DevOps) roadmap that would generate business value through increased software delivery velocity and quality.

Back to basics

Point B worked with the publisher to identify challenges and determine a path forward. We held in-depth interviews with executive stakeholders from both the IT and business teams, soliciting ideas from all levels of the company and working with senior leadership to formulate a holistic strategy. Our in-depth analysis revealed a need for more effective governance and a framework that would enable the DevOps team to break down work projects quickly and efficiently and move them through the pipeline.

We helped them author a roadmap that crystallized the team’s vision and guiding principles, ensuring that IT would stay aligned with the business. We also provided guidance on an approach to governance that factored in the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Working with the company’s third-party technology consultants, we developed a robust approach to application orchestration and tool chain optimization. We also delivered an assessment of the organization’s DevOps maturity as well as recommendations on how to advance DevOps practices along the maturity model.

Taking a holistic approach

As a result, our client now has an actionable, holistic roadmap for developing their DevOps practice and plans, which will achieve business goals and get the publisher’s software products to market quickly. Because the roadmap has the support of senior leadership, it’s an effective tool for evangelism to front-line teams.

The publisher will now implement plans in their DevOps practice that will help them meet the challenges posed by customer expectations in a rapidly moving marketplace.