The advance and adoption of mobile technology has been so rapid that many companies find themselves behind the curve. Left unmanaged, mobility presents significant risks: lost customers, patchwork IT solutions, soaring costs, security concerns. But retail, in particular, has thin margins. How can a leading global retailer modernize their systems, enable mobile solutions for their employees, and remain competitive—without breaking the bank?

Patchwork approach to mobility undermines security and sales

Like many enterprises, this global retailer needed to address the risks and opportunities presented by a workforce requiring mobile access to internal systems and applications. Previously, the retailer’s IT department enabled employees’ mobile devices in a piecemeal fashion that tackled immediate pain points. However, executives realized that real-time access to sales figures, store managers, and merchandisers could provide the dynamic information required to make informed business decisions, strengthen relationships with customers, and make adjustments on the fly. The retailer knew it was time to address its makeshift approach to mobile technology. A mobility solution would help the retailer stay competitive and achieve its goals.

A strategic roadmap provides a path forward

The client brought in Point B’s technology experts to develop a roadmap that enables real-time data access for everyone, from executives to managers and teams on the sales floor. 

Point B helped the retailer understand mobility’s role in increasing the effectiveness and productivity of their staff. The comprehensive plan addresses users, devices, applications, access points, security measures and support protocols.

By offering a practical action plan, the Point B team paved the way toward the future of retailing.