In today’s multi-channel world, consumer behavior and expectations change quickly. Successful companies look across all of their channels to gain a better understanding of what their customers want – when, how, and where they want it. To get a clearer picture of its customers, that’s exactly what this consumer lifestyle retailer did. Knowing it needed richer data to drive business decisions, it engaged Point B to lead its CRM strategy, selection, implementation and multi-channel integration across all of its channels – retail stores, restaurants, and ecommerce sites.

Choosing the best solution

Point B worked with the client to define their new, integrated customer strategy including the data requirements for each touch point with the customer.

We then helped our client:

  • Define business requirements based on leading edge expertise in building customer loyalty strategies, integrated channel marketing and CRM system capabilities.
  • Identify candidate CRM solutions and drive the selection process.
  • Implement the system and manage the change associated with the implementation.

New capabilities create impact

With new technical capabilities in place the client was able to execute on their customer loyalty initiatives. With our help, the client:

  • Increased customer retention and growth. Better data and data- driven features led to a richer and more personalized customer experience, improving customer retention and increasing growth.
  • Improved data collection, analytics, and integrated reporting across all sales channels, which enabled our client to see the big picture of how customers relate to their brand.
  • Greater trust in the collected customer data and increased reliance on that data to support decision making.
  • Strong data and analytical support for the launch of new initiatives, such as a customer loyalty program, targeted promotions and sales campaigns, and personalization features. Data- intensive initiatives like these require the accurate and timely capture and reporting of a rich set of integrated customer data.