by Will Bryant

The Challenge

A global Fortune 500 retailer wanted to implement a Global Business Performance Dashboard to provide a cross-market, cross-channel view of key metrics previously spread across multiple regional reports. The new mobile business intelligence (BI) dashboards were to be delivered via the company’s first Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) application, giving users mobile BI access to the latest data with drill-down interactivity. Our client engaged us to provide the leadership and BI expertise for this global effort.

A Clear, Cohesive Approach

Working closely with leadership and adapting our proven methodology, we set clear objectives for the project, defining what success would look like and establishing parameters that identified constraints such as budget, timing, scope/phasing, BYOD, corporate policies, and vendor/infrastructure standards. We identified stakeholders and users, and defined current and future requirements by user group. We also determined which skills would be required for design and implementation, and whether they were available internally.

In this case, because the dashboards were supporting a management restructuring, there were significant training and change management components. New performance objectives needed to be communicated, along with how to interpret the results.

The user experience design was a key element of the project’s success. Simple screens, clear indicators and logical drill-down paths increased user confidence and adoption while reducing training and support.

Because this was an Agile project, we also served as a Scrum Master every step of the way. We partnered with our client’s data and application architects to lead key parts of the architecture design and coordinate infrastructure changes required to deliver the dashboard on the all-new BYOD platform. We also led data design, including data modeling and data hierarchies and alternatives.

New Insight, New Value on the Go

Delivered on time and on budget, our client’s new global view lets end users access the latest market and channel data as well as daily, weekly and monthly trends of sales, comp levers and gross margin—all from their mobile devices. The bottom line: The actionable insight to drive timelier and better informed business decisions anytime, anywhere.