The Challenge

As one of the nation's leading hospitals embarked on a major expansion, its Facilities Design and Planning department was already struggling to manage its portfolio of ongoing facilities projects. In the wake of its manager's recent departure, the group was unable to meet expectations on project delivery and communications, leading to unhappy internal clients and senior facilities management. The hospital engaged Point B to manage its Move Add Change (MAC) portfolio of facilities projects and improve the entire project management process, from intake to completion.

The Right Fit—and a Rapid Fix

Point B brought over 30 years of facilities project management experience together with deep healthcare expertise to rapidly determine the root cause of the project delivery issues. From there, we delivered cost-effective solutions that helped our client implement quickly.

Within days, we saw that the tool the team used to track and manage projects was outdated and ineffective. Bottom line: the information was getting lost in the data. Based on discussions with staff, we learned that the Building Engineering department was already using a web-based tool to manage and track its work order processing. We reviewed the tool's capabilities and determined that it had everything needed to successfully track and manage MAC projects, giving users real-time status for the first time. More good news: there would be no incremental costs to using this same tool to track MAC projects in addition to Engineering work orders.

On Track and In Touch            

We also found that the department had no documented processes for project delivery, prioritization or status reporting. Project intakes and assignments were disorganized. Approvals dragged on even small projects. And staff had no way to effectively track actual costs.

In addition to helping staff transition to the web-based tracking tool, we introduced a complete project intake and assignment process that streamlines project phases and balances the workload. We also helped recruit new project managers and onboard a new manager to run the department.

In short order, staff and stakeholders saw dramatic improvements in project delivery and communications. Using its new, real-time dashboard on all projects, the group can deliver accurate bi-weekly status reports. Now, from initial planning to completion, projects are on track—and people are in touch.