by Patrick McCauley, Steve Dong


In 2013, a community hospital suffered an extended computer system outage that prevented access to all electronic patient records for 10 days. The crash of the hospital’s system affected patient care and operations at the main hospital, an additional campus, eight laboratories and six imaging centers. Then, the off-site backup system failed too. With both systems down, access to crucial information slowed to a crawl as physicians, nurses and staff were forced to go back to paper records. Once the immediate crisis was resolved, the hospital engaged a number of technology experts to recommend options to eliminate the root cause of the breakdown. Point B came in to review the options and work with the key technology vendors on the final disaster recovery solution.

Moving to reliability

Working alongside internal teams, Point B developed the architecture for the disaster recovery solution which replaced the antiquated infrastructure design that put our client at risk.

The new solution included nine hardware, software and professional services vendors. Following design, we worked on bills of materials and statements of work for each vendor.

Enter ClearEdge

With a wide range of vendor negotiations on the horizon, we introduced our client to ClearEdge Partners, a portfolio company of Point B Capital. ClearEdge provides a new methodology and innovative services that enable clients to drive deep savings on third-party IT spending.

Having introduced ClearEdge to more than a dozen clients to date, we have developed a unique co-delivery approach that provides additional value: by embedding ClearEdge Advisory and Transaction Management services into the IT consulting project at the right time, and sharing the insights we’ve gained throughout our design and development work, we help ensure that ClearEdge comes in knowing everything needed to make the best deal with the vendor.

Right price, right precedent

Once Point B had designed the solution and found the right vendors, it was time to negotiate the right price. Introducing ClearEdge into this project to lead negotiations over all the moving pieces of the transaction enabled our client to consolidate deal strategy and save $800,000, primarily on the VCE Vblock™ cloud infrastructure system, developed by Cisco, EMC and VMware. Beyond these significant one-time savings, our client has gained new negotiating insight and a working model for how to save money the next time a big IT expenditure comes up.