by Amy Halverson

The Challenge

As consumers use mobile devices to do everything from ordering groceries and booking travel to managing their finances, healthcare has lagged behind other industries in meeting the digital demand. One of the nation's leading pediatric health systems was eager to develop a mobile program that would meet the needs of its healthcare consumers and deliver meaningful patient experiences. Leadership engaged Point B for the team we brought to the table—including specialists in healthcare, strategy, digital/mobile, and a physician with a track record in organizational transformation. After all, mobile is more than technology change; it's the new retail mindset needed to compete in a market where consumers have more choices than ever.

Moving to a customer mindset  

We interviewed a wide range of stakeholders, while diving deep into the competitive landscape and industry trends. In a series of workshops, we focused on the consumer pain points that stakeholders had shared—such as choosing a doctor, missing appointments, waiting too long to see someone, paying a bill—and showed how the mobile experience could alleviate them.

Our client had considered starting its mobile program that would help patients find their way to appointments. Instead, we recommended starting with key transactional experiences, —such as making it easier to schedule those appointments in the first place. We created a detailed roadmap that prioritizes all aspects of the mobile experience and creates actionable next steps. We also showed how to build the maturity level of the mobile experience, and spelled out what it takes to progress from no capability to basic, enhanced and differentiating capabilities.

Making the mobile app a hit

With our client's mobile app already in the works, we provided a number of recommendations to boost its implementation and adoption:

  • Establish comprehensive mobile governance.
  • Put a parallel focus on operational support for the digital experience.
  • Clarify the approach to development and support.
  • Launch a complete organizational change adoption plan.

Leaping forward in four weeks

Within four weeks, we delivered a complete mobile strategy, together with a leadership presentation, that won the buy-in and funding to move forward. Our client now has a roadmap for a mobile program that will increase patient satisfaction and access to care, drive the growth of commercially insured patients, and position the organization where it wants to be: on the leading edge of customer-centric experiences.