The Challenge

A late-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing therapies for rare diseases was facing a steep enterprise application vendor audit resolution fee. The client had deployed enterprise application vendor licenses in a VMware virtual environment against policy which kicked off an official audit of its environment. After the enterprise application vendor delivered the audit report, the sales team contacted the company claiming it could resolve the audit findings with a calculated payment of ~$700,000.

Point B had been working with the client on a technology roadmap and infrastructure strategy. After learning the client had gotten hit with an enterprise application vendor audit finding of nearly $700,000, Point B reached out to ClearEdge. ClearEdge specializes in helping clients drive costs and capture more value from their IT spending through Advisory, Consulting and Compliance Services, including deal negotiation and audit defense, and has worked closely with dozens of Point B clients.

Connecting Our Customer

When the VP of Information Technology walked into this storm – the original finding nearly would have wiped out his very lean IT budget – he reached out to Point B and Point B reached out to ClearEdge to help untie this knot.

Getting Results

The ClearEdge compliance and deal strategy teams, including former auditors and sales leaders from the auditing vendor, guided the client through the engagement – from navigating the audit report, challenging the findings, negotiating a resolution with the vendor’s sales team and overhauling the infrastructure and licensing to avoid future compliance findings and costs.

After several months of guidance from ClearEdge, the client went multiple rounds with the enterprise application vendor to resolve the audit. As a result of the partnership with ClearEdge, the client was able to settle the audit with a payment of $43,000 in cloud subscription credits, saving ~$600,000 from the original finding.