by Philip Calabrese

The Challenge

One of the nation's leading hospitals wanted to transform project delivery at all levels of its Facilities Design and Planning group. The goal: improved project delivery, team dynamics and overall effectiveness, all of which had fallen short of expectations. Based on Point B's recent improvements to the group's Move Add Change (MAC) facilities project portfolio, leadership entrusted us with the next step: improving operations to meet stakeholder needs and revitalizing the organization for sustainable success.

A workload on overload

We began this project with unique insight into our client's organization and culture. Our strong relationship earned us the stakeholders' trust to shadow the group's director, interview managers and staff, review project performance data, and take a close look at the group's current and anticipated workload.

The crux of the problem was clear: the current organization lacked the skilled staff resources, management roles, and alignment to ensure clear accountability and successful project delivery. Compounding the problem, the group's director was consumed with a major, high-stakes project that took time and focus away from the group.

In short, the department's workload had increased, but its workforce had not. When workloads put people on overload, organizational effectiveness, team performance and morale can all suffer.

Organized and staffed to win

We proposed new roles and job descriptions with the horsepower to meet the group's complex needs. Our solution expanded the group's team of executives: one to manage large, transformative projects and one for the hundreds of ongoing projects—both reporting to a new senior director role.

Like many growing organizations, our client had become over-reliant on outsourcing. In addition to being costly, over-outsourcing can sap organizational morale. Employees get fewer chances to grow into senior roles when an organization doesn't invest in developing its own people. Valuable institutional knowledge and allegiance can be lost. With the approval of the hospital's senior leadership and HR, the group is adding staff and key executive roles. It's also filling more roles with employees—an important signal to staff and an essential step toward revitalizing the organization for long-term success.