The very first online ad was placed in 1994. Since that time, online advertising has grown into nearly a $20 billion per year market. Competition for this windfall is tough, with online advertising becoming a battleground for major search engines and companies with a large online presence. Additionally, technological advances and the advent of social media mean that targets of traditional online advertising are spending more of their time on Facebook and Twitter and connecting with people and content from their mobile devices, causing major players to regroup to capture market share. To retain its share, this technology company adjusted its strategy and restructured its online advertising group. It took a savvy approach to this change by developing a comprehensive change management plan.

Laying the foundation for more effective change

This technology company knew it needed to restructure its online advertising group to become more competitive and respond to changes in how online ads are consumed. This was a change that involved rethinking its organization and redirecting its resources. This organization engaged Point B to create a change management plan to direct its business units’ efforts to redefine their operating models and sustain employee engagement.

Early on, we helped create a receptive audience for change by engaging stakeholders and leaders, substantiating the need for a forward-looking plan.

Discovery sessions with each of the organizational units in the advertising group revealed that each had its own unique challenges and that the changes would cascade into each unit differently. With this knowledge, we proceeded to create a specific set of change management recommendations for each unit to respond to their respective impacts. Likewise, the discovery sessions and input from team members regarding the current online advertising landscape helped uncover the need to pay close attention to retaining talent. With this information, we recommended strategies to increase the engagement level of employees so that they stay put, stay happy, and dedicate themselves to the new strategy and organization.

Changing for good

The result of these discovery sessions was a comprehensive global change management plan full of tactics that this team is now using to more effectively manage and sustain the change. To track progress against this plan, we also helped our client develop an insightful dashboard tool.

Some team members have noted that this exercise has changed them as well, making them more aware of the impact that change can have on an organization. And in a world where things don’t stay the same for long, awareness and ability to change has given this team a distinct advantage.